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  2. Does anyone know if the aluminum 12-8-12 signals at Albert/Bronson are still there? I can't go downtown due to COVID.
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  4. Calls for Transit Workers To Get Vaccinated. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2185398&fbclid=IwAR0TrOK5lpdJcprvmonoU1ZZCne-dMp2k1SODNra1J-d595D2YF-1yBDQVs
  5. Any news on the Cumberland Transitway? I get annoyed that it shows up on GeoBetaOttawa as an existing transitway...
  6. New renders obtained by Pat from the Stage 2 team sheds light on the overall layout. Along with a new mobility study that shows the station shifted slightly to the west. The original renderings and mobility study for comparison.
  7. Bus drivers, with mounting cases, seek vaccine sooner https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2185168
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  9. @OC Transpo/STO Fan would know. We know all were repainted by 2004. 9054 as you know got in accident at Lees station and was rebuilt using TTC D40-90 specs.
  10. 9011 was repainted into the maple leaf scheme in 2000 9054 and 9220 were repainted into the maple leaf scheme in 2003 As far as I know, all other New Flyer D40 buses from 1992 were repainted into the maple leaf scheme in 2002 If anyone knows what years the maple leaf scheme was applied to buses 9001-9010, 9012-9053 and 9055, it will be useful for knowing how long any lasted before needing to be rebuilt.
  11. I find the Aylmer (Plateau) option to be a good option. Easy road access, parity with the east and central areas of Gatineau having their own hospital, and a nice large piece of land to do things properly with future possibility to further expand if ever required. Hoping this is where it gets built.
  12. Some more news on the new hospital. The Province is searching for a suitable site to build the new 600 bed facility in Hull or Aylmer and have launched a «avis d’intérêt ou demande d’information» to find a 150,000 square meter property. Old Gatineau has now been officially eliminated from the search, and so are any properties under 100,000 square meters. For comparison, the Hull Hospital is on a parcel of land of 73,000 square meters. The site has to be outside an industrial or agricultural zone. Hull Based on LeDroit's analysis, Robert-Guertin sits on 51,000 square meters of
  13. Finally managed to get a shot of 1125! Same gangway redesign as 1107.
  14. I don't recall where the conversation or point was mentionned, but essentially it would need to be done by Alstom staff in the depot, so it would probably take too much time for the actual benefit provided. The process is a mostly manual operation (removing bumper, extending coupling arm and "backing" into the other) and couldn't be done on the spot while in service unless the trains were considerably modified. Like you say we'll probably not see single train operation unless a lot of things change. Though I could see a benefit to running weekend / late evening trains as singles to reduce
  15. J.OT13


    ZIBI PREPARES FOR THE FUTURE OF WORK WITH FOUR NEW NET-ZERO CARBON COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES News April 15, 2021 BUILDING MODERN WORKSPACES THAT PROMOTE GREENING GOVERNMENT GOALS AND THE HEALTH OF WORKERS Zibi, Canada’s largest carbon-neutral community, located in the heart of the National Capital, today announced its plans to build 210,000 square feet of innovative office space ideally suited to welcome back a workforce seeking modern collaborative spaces with a focus on health and well-being. The four net
  16. A CTV article with different renderings. A look at the new $192 million library and Library and Archives Canada building at LeBreton Flats Peter SzperlingMulti-Skilled Journalist @ctvpeter Contact Published Wednesday, April 14, 2021 6:40PM EDT The Ottawa Public Library Board received a look at the design for the new Ottawa Public Library main branch and Library and Archives Canada. (Photo courtesy: Diamond Schmitt Architects) OTTAWA -- If you’ve been curious as to what Ottawa’s future central l
  17. For sure those are new trains being tested. They have tp test them individually before coupling them for some more tests after x amount of time. Unless they can one day figure out the coupling/de-coupling. we won't see in service singles.
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  19. Do you know if the single car train that has been on the tracks for at least the last couple of days is a new train being tested or is it in service? Watching the live feed on YouTube at night I can't see the numbers on the train roof, but I have to assume it is just being tested as it left the station about 30 seconds after a 2 car train departed.
  20. It might seem pointless, but I am actually looking forward to seeing some single unit operation on the line during lower needs periods. Also, noticed that 1125 also got the new mid-sections! Trying to get a picture next time I eee it.
  21. Does anyone know if 1101 still as the WOW 97.1 wrap ad?
  22. As anyone seen 0511 lately? Is it still in the white livery?
  23. I am really looking forward to it opening, and think it's appropriate to have such a building in Ottawa. I find it inspiring and inviting to reflexion and curiosity. The current central library and archives are both due for a refresh and more capacity. It will be a "jewel" for both OPL and LAC. Diamond Schmitt really can (and has) done some stunning work and I believe the OPL-LAC project is one that is fit for the city.
  24. After reading the "Spaces" section, although I think some aspects aren't necessary, the whole project makes more sense. Thanks for the info
  25. DBellerive


    Would be a messy setup I think since they would need to reconfigure everything *again* but probably the most logical explanation... They should just get the pedestrian overpass extended and make it accessible even when the trains are not running IMO.
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    They make reference to "access to an elevated boulevard". Presumably a future Trim overpass? Maybe they are counting an entrance that won't exist for another two decades. The plan has a green rectangle to the left of the platform where that future overpass entrance might be. That said, the 6 fare gates is consistent with a single entrance at this location.
  27. The new building will be more than just books and DVDs. Here's a list of features from the project's official website: https://inspire555.ca/library-archives-building/ ABOUT Set to open in late 2024, the OPL-LAC Joint Facility will become a landmark destination built on the shared values of the partner institutions. The facility will deliver a rich customer experience through Ottawa Public Library’s Central Library and Library and Archives Canada’s public services, exhibitions and events, which showcase Canada’s heritage. The joint programming and services will make this a tru
  28. DBellerive


    Wait I am confused: where is the second entrance?
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