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    This is very interesting. These are details I did not know about Rideau. While it may seem excessive to have two entrances from a shopping centre, there is presidence for this in Toronto at the Eaton Centre. It does in fact have two entrances, not quite at the extremeties but the mall is fairly long and it does help give better access. Rideau is more compact but it would allow better access to the mall and an easier flow through, despite having two entrances link to the same station. At least the elevator entrance provides a second option, one that many many people seem to prefer. I look forward to more discussion on these future potential connections, and those that never happened! Quite fascinating.
  3. The same applies at Rideau, though I imagine the unable to be viewed MOU already incorporates language for a second entrance to the RIdeau Center nearabouts the Simons/corner of Rideau & Nicholas. Going westbound from uOttawa in the tunnel, from the front of the train it's possible to see the lighted windows of the easternmost portion of the Rideau station mezzanine. I've measured the distances and the current easternmost wall of the mezzanine at the bottom of the William St. entrance (where the ticket machines are located along the north-south wall) is a false wall (a staff member asked me what I was looking at. I mentioned my interest and she confirmed there was a large space behind this wall. Perhaps it's not yet economically viable to connect this entrance through the knock-out wall that one hears exists but, in any case, it's unfortunate the public can't know what's happening with its publicly-financed system financed with 2.1 billion tri-level government monies and debentures and another 885 million organized through the Bank of Nova Scotia that RTG borrowed to put towards the project and which will be paid back with handsome interest over the life of the RTM agreement. It would, for example and just saying, be a good idea if there was a new easternmost entrance on the south side of Rideau at the corner of Nicholas. But who knows when/if that will ever happen even though much of the infrastructure would appear to already be in place
  4. Alexander Glista made the acquisition of a retired TTC CLRV Streetcar. You can follow Alexander on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AlexanderGlista Here is a great interview and video by CityNews. https://toronto.citynews.ca/video/2020/08/04/new-home-for-old-ttc-streetcar/ SUPER COOL! Congrats Alex.
  5. New renderings for Place d'Orléans. July 3: August 5:
  6. New rendering for Jeanne d'Arc.
  7. J.OT13


    New rendering of Pinecrest Station.
  8. J.OT13


    New rendering of the newly named Kìchì Sìbì.
  9. J.OT13


    New rendering for Westboro:
  10. I emailed McKenney and Leiper suggesting Carling be renamed Dow's Lake. Carling is a major east-west artery with two stations (Carling and Lincoln Fields); the current name does little to tell people where they are. Dow's Lake is a year-round destination well known by locals and tourists alike. To boot, the area around Dow's Lake and the station has seen and will continue to see major projects, with thousands of condo units, the redevelopment of the Booth Street complex and of course the new Civic Hospital.
  11. J.OT13


    I love the paintings but the current are too reflective to my taste. Hopefully, the new method will make the prints and details more visible (and less reflective). I love the paintings but the current are too reflective to my taste. Hopefully, the new method will make the prints and details more visible (and less reflective).
  12. Happy to hear you enjoyed the Azur. The air flow is significantly improved over the older generation trains and can be very strong when the train is fairly empty. It is impressive how it works and gets the job done. Of course, the look of the trains themselves, the colour scheme and the finishing touches are a world apart from anything else. The STM definitely got the best train they possibly could.
  13. All good. I too agree, Orleans Blvd right before Place d'Orleans, would potentially be confusing and to have two stations share part of the name right next to each other would be bad planning. Convent Glen is a very good choice and is indeed the name of that community so why not. To Phil's comment about the map, hopefully they use a map of this sort that shows both lines in a clear way, for the in train displays and signage.
  14. I must say I like the idea of Convent Glen rather than Boulevard d'Orléans. The next Stop is Place d'Orléans, which could also be named Champlain. I have no problem whatsoever with the other names changes. It shows that OC Transpo wants to get it right. Most of all at this point, I like the map. The way it is drawn is to me perfect. If I had seen it let's say a few months ago, I would have understood that the Airport Link is in fact separated from the main Line in the South. It also clearly shows the split at Lincoln Fields. Great map
  15. Two stations so close together, it's hard not to maintain the same name. The only other option would be Ridgemont. It reminds me of Heron and Mooney's Bay (station) at 550 meters apart. Those two could never be connected, but naming the station after a park/beach/bay that's 1.5 kilometres away is even more puzzling. Hog's Back, Vincent Massey, Brookfield, any one would have been better.
  16. Riley Brockington is asking the public via twitter for comments on Walkley Station : OC Transpo is planning to name the new LRT Station at Walkley Road, "Walkley Station". The current Transitway Station a few metres to the east shares this name. Do you have any strong feelings about the name? Let me know. My take : The same name would be fine if the O-Train and bus stations were actually connected as one. As the plans currently do not, having to exit one to enter another makes them unique and two distinct stations. Two names. I still hold some small hope of a proper integrated connection.
  17. The elevated guideway really excites me. It will definitely have a SkyTrain feel to it for a good portion of that branch. Great pics Antoine.
  18. J.OT13


    I agree. We know (through Manconi, OC and the City) that stations have knock-out panels, but they're unwilling to say where and what buildings could be connected.
  19. J.OT13

    Station Retail

    I'm worried they might struggle with lower ridership. I don't expect transit usage will to go up that much this Fall with online post-secondary courses and many people continuing to work at home.
  20. Another new rendering from a July 3rd update: These presentations also had new renderings, but it's harder to extract the images from a PDF. https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/Stage 2 LRT Information Session Cleary to Lincoln Fields_20191203.pdf https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/Stage 2 LRT Information Session Blair to Trim - 20191205.pdf https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/Stage 2 LRT Information Session Westboro to Dominion_20191209.pdf https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/Stage 2 LRT Information Session Iris to Baseline_20191211.pdf https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/Stage 2 LRT Information Session Queensview to Moodie_20191212.pdf
  21. The following as well. I thought there were more, but the small pics through me off. Westboro Kichi Sibi Pinecrest
  22. This is one of the truly unfortunate aspects of the P3 financing/build arrangement. The decision to not connect WEP is, doubtless, contained in a document that no one can see even though the project is built with public monies. The image J.OT13 posted above shows the street access on Queen St. in front of WEP and precisely where the seemingly redundant grill with direct shaftway to now blocked eastern end of the mezzanine below. As I mentioned elsewhere, the City signed 5 MOUs with adjacent owners though only 4--Rideau/CF RIdeau Center (1); Parliament/Sun Life & Heritage Place (2); and Lyon/Place de Ville (1) came to fruition. Again, unfortunately for the public, we seem unable to know why WEP backed out. The station as built indicates there was an eastern exit/ingress designed and roughed in. On a related note, why is it no one can know why the mystery "M" level exists along the existing elevator access to Queen St. in front of Sun Life. This should also be public information, even if it's a future plan to link the elevators to some future development in the Sun Life first level basement
  23. Quite happy with the proposed names. Still took the time to provide feedback on all stations that I had a reaction towards. Particularly happy to see Baseline renamed to Algonquin and acknowledge the possibility of the Baseline BRT. For stations with new renders, I only noticed those, though I might just have missed them. - Place D'Orleans, view from the overpass entrance. -Jeanne D'Arc, view from inside towards fare gates Worth adding that Limebank's render is the initial on-ground proposal that got replaced with the elevated guideway. Curious when we will get a more textured / finalized render of the new arrangement.
  24. Gotta say I am always impressed by the progress with the elevated guideway whenever I pass. In a few months, they have managed to install quite a length of it alongside the highway. Thanks for the pictures!
  25. St-Laurent Station artwork reinstallation St-Laurent Station is home to three large, immersive murals painted by Andrew Morrow that depict re-imagined Canadian histories. Two of the murals are located on the westbound platform, while the third is a corner-split mural on the eastbound platform. The murals are large-scale digital prints that have been reproduced on a vinyl canvass with a protective plexiglass cover. A buildup of moisture has been frequently observed that requires ongoing maintenance of both the art and its protective treatments. In close collaboration with the artist, crews will be removing the plexiglass-covered vinyl prints and replacing them with the same large-scale digital print on a vinyl aluminum composite substrate material. Work is anticipated to take place nightly between 12:30 AM and 5:30 AM starting the week of August 3. Should work be required during the day, it will be coordinated by OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Maintenance to minimize the impact on operations and transit customers. This reinstallation effort will remove the need for the plexiglass cover, decrease maintenance, and result in a more resilient and vibrant art display for transit riders to enjoy in the years to come.
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