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    • Nicholas Polischouk has sent in photos for the Line 4 Sheppard Line stations excluding Sheppard-Yonge, so this can be considered done. The text descriptions for those stations would still need to be created. I am marking it above in the list.
    • Hello all. This topic is for general information on how to submit content for the new sites, as well as what we are looking for in regards to text and photos. This first post of this topic will be updated if new information or clarification is needed. Feel free to ask questions below. 1. Planning. For planning purposes, I have created separate topics in this new category, for each of the new sites. You will find a list of all the articles needing to be created, for the Trains, the Stations and the Lines. To help avoid overlap or multiple people working on the same article, I ask that you signal your interest by replying on the respective topic and indicating what you are planning to do (text, photos or both). Ideally if you signal your interest, I ask that you aim to have it completed within a month so that the article does not get tied up indefinitely and ultimately not getting completed. As people voice their interest (and you can indicate multiple articles at the same time), I will update the first post in those topics with who is doing what on the list. 2. Creating Content. For all of the articles, I do invite you to visit O-Train Fans www.otrainfans.ca to get an idea of how the articles should be put together. For the trains, the Alstom Citadis Spirit article is a good example, and for the stations, the Parliament station is another example. For stations, it is broken down into a general Overview and a Unique Features. There is also space for some details on the station Public Artwork. In regards to photos, for the stations, there are 4 main areas that need to be photographed. Exterior, Interior, Concourse and Platforms. For consistency, 5 photos of each of those areas are required. If the station is somewhat smaller and does not have a real separated concourse, then that should be dropped and it would just be the Exterior, Interior and Platform photos. For the trains, interior and exterior photos, around a dozen. For the lines, photos are not required, but a single good establishing photo, iconic of that line is required featuring the train at a station or along the line. 3. Submitting Content. Submitting content is easy. Shane (myself) will handle the posting to the website to ensure consistency and formatting. You can send me via email ([email protected]) your text and photos (as attachments, please not in the body of the email). If the files are too large to send via email, I recommend using WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com), in which you can select multiple photos or files and send them all together (up to 2gb). I do ask that you send separate emails for each station, please don't combine multiple station photos into one email or send as I will have trouble knowing which is which. Ideally, if the filenames can indicate the station and location (interior, exterior, concourse and platform) that would be super helpful. Final Thoughts I hope the information above is helpful, but should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you again for your interest in helping build Rail Fans together.
    • Massive building! Also worth noting the progress along the guideway. A few days back they posted about progressing with the track installation so we might be close to dynamic testing!   Also interesting that the tracks leading to the depot are not electrified yet. Maybe some is left to install?
    • Good Day. I like it. The exposed guts always struck me as 'unfinished'. And it -should- help keep the howling snow and rain out of the guts. I hope ! EnJoy!
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