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    • I just wanted to know where you got the source "That all Orion VIIs have retired" from because it might have not have been reliable, That's all. The CPTDB has now officially blocked all visitors from viewing the National Capital Region due to admins against coping and pasting content on this forum.
    • This weekend I was in Montreal and, for the first time, actually boarded an Azur a few times along the Orange Line, and a MR-73 on the Blue Line. It was also my first real time on the Montreal Metro beyond the yellow line a few years ago. First of all, the forced ventilation explained by Matt works really well! It was about 30 degrees outside and never felt uncomfortable. Even the MR-73 are not that bad given the different system. Overall, I was quite impressed with the Azur. They are definitely modern and (IMO) better equipped than the Citadis Spirit we have (I love the display with the time to next station along the doors and the LED strip indicating on which side the doors will open). The acceleration is surprising and so is the top speed given the inclines throughout the network. I actually really enjoyed my time riding the Metro, both from a "transit fan" and user perspective and will totally try to find reasons to go back sooner than later! 😂
    • taken today at Uplands.  
    • I'm confused by what you're asking, could you please elaborate?  I'm assuming it's for the retirements? If so, it was posted on the CPTDB last night.
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