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  1. 5 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Corso Italia: pretty much what I expected, so no comments. I wish the platform was under Gladstone with entrances on both sides. 

    It's hard to tell from geoOttawa, but I'm wondering if they've cheaped out on the pedestrian plaza outside of the entrance that was shown in the renderings. The area between both entrances looks empty.

    8 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Carleton: Wider underpass should improve circulation. Not much else to say.

    The supposed new underpass on the north side of the station isn't shown.

    9 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Walkley: Very far from Walkley. I assume this may be to facilitate the replacement of the Walkley bridge in the future without affecting operations, which could also be the case with Dow's Lake.

    I think this dates back to the original EA which highlighted an issue with the station being on a curve, which starts just south of the bridge.

    10 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Some of you on the Discord were referring to a crossover, but I'm not sure I understand

    There's no way for a southbound train on the west track to continue south to Leitrim with the configuration shown. The track only leads to the Airport. Presumably this is an error.

    11 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Uplands: seems to have quite an elaborate layout on the ground floor. Hard to tell what's what. 

    I think this is the first station with a complete design which is why it's so much more elaborate than other stations on geoOttawa right now. Most of the detail is actually on the platform level I think?

    13 minutes ago, J.OT13 said:

    Limebank: Where are the entrances? What's with the structure east of Limebank Road? 

    It'll be very similar to Hurdman.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Mike said:

    Hey that's right near my house! What's the plan here? When are they going to build this? Where is that new Transitway going to go?

    No idea when it would be built, hasn't gone to study yet. But it would connect the Baseline BRT to the rest of Heron, down Walkley, and then up to Elmvale following the Route 46, and also Industrial (where OC Transpo's garages are). 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Harry Valentine said:

    Do any members have any information regarding progress on the proposed grade separated rail/rail interchange between the Trillium O-Train line and the VIA Rail line?

    From the last construction update email that they sent out (on September 28):


    Ellwood Diamond (VIA rail crossing) Rail Bridge
    ▪ 2 out of 9 caissons are completed.
    ▪ Preparations are underway for the demolition of the south-east Transitway and the Sawmill Creek Bridges, to occur following utility relocations.
    ▪ A detour of the Brookfield MUP will be in place starting late September.


  4. 1 hour ago, J.OT13 said:

    As I mentioned earlier this month, I emailed Leiper and McKenney regarding the possibility of renaming Carling Station to Dow's Lake. Leiper's on vacation, so I've only received an automated response so far. No word from McKenney.

    I also emailed Brockington when he asked people's opinion on Walkey. I told him I'm fine with Walkley, I asked why Mooney's Bay was named as such and presented my arguments for Carling/Dow's Lake. He seemed receptive:

    That's exciting! Thank you for sending in the emails.

    1 hour ago, J.OT13 said:

    I had created a  "Station Names" thread in November last year. Could I request that it be merged with this one? Thank you!


    And done!

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  5. I don't know if this was a change for the new vehicles, or if it's being retroactively applied to all of the older vehicles as well but 1138 has a panel above the door to cover the door electronics.

    Previously the electronics were completely exposed, not that I recall this necessarily being a problem. In any case; a good change.


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  6. 1 hour ago, J.OT13 said:

    I'm having more trouble figuring out how they will shoehorn Orleans Town Centre (OTC) and Tenth Line. Tracks seem to spread a little under Tenth Line (though not nearly as much as they should) but not at OTC.  I honestly don't think that these station are necessary as they are both very close to one another and Place d'Orleans. 

    I could see Tenth Line being useful if that interchange ever saw proper development, but I have no idea how likely that is.

    OTC seems useless from the get-go.

  7. 3 hours ago, Shane said:

    Small question, it is mostly self explanatory however how would it get between Bronson and Lansdowne? Would it be tunneled or surface down Bank?

    I personally like the idea of running it along Queen Elizabeth, but

    Dodge the inevitable resistance from the Glebe in favour of a potential compromise from the NCC? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  8. 6 hours ago, Phil said:

    I am not sure I understand. But will people travelling to and from the Airport have to change train at South Keys?

    I guess that's what you get when you absolutely want to hire the lowest bidder.

    Did they think about people with disabilities and senior citizens having mobility issues?

    It is to be expected that a lot of people arriving at YOW will also have to change at Bayview to either go East or West. And there can be a bus or two involved later in the journey to get home.

    I always thought all trains would share the same platform at South Keys and the boards would let passengers know if the next train goes to the Airport or to Limebank.

    This isn't a matter of lowest bidder, it was all part of the original design. The track north of South Keys has a limited capacity meaning that trains can only run every 12 minutes. If trains continued on to the Airport, then that means there wouldn't be one headed to Riverside South for another 12 minutes and there'd be a 24 minute gap.

    With that said, South Keys will have an island platform so the transfer from the airport train to the main line train (or vice versa) is done by simply walking across one platform.

  9. In my opinion, I don't see the value added of a wiki along with the existing site(s) and its pages. Regardless of duplication of other sites and wikis, there's potential for duplication between a wiki here and the site itself. Anything that's missing from the site now could still be user-contributed just like a number of pages already are.

    If a wiki is added, I think it should take the place of the main site since that's where all the content is anyway. But I imagine that would be a big undertaking and of course I don't know how Shane feels about that.

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  10. A new bus loop would be built between the station and the 417. A new pedestrian overpass would be built to connect to the parking lots from what I would imagine would be the "fare-paid zone" by the bus loop.


  11. 40 minutes ago, DavidBellerive said:

    I appreciate that they are being proactive and getting stuff done in this period of lower traffic that can be better accommodated by R1 service, but RTG (and the City for this matter) stated that most work could be completed in the overnight closure periods.

    It's in RTG's best interests to get this done ASAP of course. Based on the description of the work being done, I'm sure it would otherwise have been done during overnight maintenance periods, but that likely would have spanned several months.

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  12. 10 hours ago, PHrenetic said:

    Yes, indeed, this will be a major improvement that was rolled into the T-Line Phase 2 overall project early on

    I think this was one of the last things that was formally added to the project, though it was proposed early on.

    10 hours ago, PHrenetic said:

    and the possibility for a freight level crossing just to the east side of the present alignment (although this may have changed with the CN-CP abandonment filing with Transport Canada (including Walkley Yards), which the City needs to get in on and buy various RoW of the subs). It amounts to part of the program of grade separation in the whole Ottawa transitway , roadway, and O-Train RoW situation for all of VIA (esp. with their HFR proposal), CN, and CP, with Transport Canada blessing and some funding (IIRC).

    The freight crossing is just part of an agreement between CP and the City and I don't think it has anything to do with CP's current stakes in the Ottawa region. Definitely nothing to do with CN and their plan to abandon. The agreement was mostly just for "ensurance" that if CP ever had business to conduct in this region again, they'd still have some access to the corridor. That's very unlikely to happen though of course.

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  13. 6 hours ago, Dr. Human said:

    Ok, so they are planning to double track it! Thanks for the information. That's definitely good news, since it will allow for more flexible planning in the future in the case that they do decide to double-track the whole line. So just to clarify, it will be double-tracked from Bayview to Gladstone, single-tracked from Gladstone to Leitrim and Double-tracked from Leitrim to Limebank?

    More or less, yes. You can see the entire planned alignment on the system map: https://map.otrainfans.ca/

  14. 1 hour ago, Dr. Human said:

    But wouldn't it be good to double-track all of the new part that is being built? Since it is being built right now, it would be the best moment to do it as opposed to, for example, after 2031 when that part of the track would already be in operation and therefore adding a second track would disrupt the service. 

    Any important part of it will be double tracked as they lay new track in the south. Any over/underpass will be built to accommodate double track south of South Keys station. The only single track section is between the crossover switch by South Keys station and Leitrim, but since the overpass over Hunt Club will be doubled (or rather, a second one will be built) the only thing to do to complete the full doubling is add a new switch before the Airport spur curves off and continue the track south to join the second track that starts at Leitrim.

    Bayview through Gladstone will also be doubled, and the Airport spur will have a surprisingly long passing section, though it won't need doubling for a very, very long time if at all.



  15. 2 hours ago, Antoine said:

    Q1. Has the city considered converting the corridor between Moodie Station to South Keys Station to double track instead of keeping the current single track configuration?
    The City did consider this option, but the double tracking would require a significant infrastructure investment that funding could not support at this time. Modelling undertaken as part of the 2013 TMP update found that 2031 travel demand can be met using a single-track line with passing sidings.

    Moodie? Was it meant to be Bayview?

  16. 10 hours ago, Matth69000 said:

    I don't think that would be a good idea since this would make the Trillium Line pretty much useless going north passed Greenboro, since the ''Central Line'' has a direct connection to downtown. Only Carleton Students would use the line. 

    Well my friend we have the exact same idea (concerning the Montreal corridor), indeed I was also planning on making that line run down Montreal Road, but I tried to keep cost in mind (the line would be 100% underground = $$$$$). 
    Also as I said connecting the line with the Trillium line would make the later obsolete, since our ''Central Line'' would be directly connected to the CBD. Anybody travelling north passed Greenboro would choose the Central Line over the Trillium Line (unless you're a Carleton Student). My plan is to expend it towards Sandlewood park and Heron Gate, a pretty dense area with no real efficient bus service. 

    Although the ridership certainly isn't there today to justify the expense of a tunneled line under Bank Street, in the future if/when the central line is built I don't think it would make the Trillium Line entirely obsolete.

    (Ideally) The Trillium line would still be the main link to Gatineau for anyone from the south, like you mention Carleton will still be a big factor, if the new hospital is built that will also be not, and Carling/Gladstone will be the site of some fairly high density developments.

    Yes, a central line would replace the Trillium Line's use for getting to the CBD but that's also why it won't be built until it's absolutely necessary. Getting people into the CBD will always be the priority and if there ridership gets to a point where feeding everyone from the south to either Hurdman or Bayview becomes too much, then we shouldn't be too worried about what happens to the Trillium line when we develop a solution to the problem since it will probably be just fine on its own.

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