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  1. Although the ridership certainly isn't there today to justify the expense of a tunneled line under Bank Street, in the future if/when the central line is built I don't think it would make the Trillium Line entirely obsolete. (Ideally) The Trillium line would still be the main link to Gatineau for anyone from the south, like you mention Carleton will still be a big factor, if the new hospital is built that will also be not, and Carling/Gladstone will be the site of some fairly high density developments. Yes, a central line would replace the Trillium Line's use for getting to the CBD b
  2. I drew this diagram a couple of years ago (before I learned how to make use of proper mapping tools..) Essentially this line would run parallel (or share?) the Trillium Line corridor South of Walkley and eventually cross over using a grade-separated structure to replace the Trillium Line on the airport spur. I drew another (incomplete) one showing the general network as well as how this yellow line could be continued past the downtown to basically be used as another line down the Montreal Rd corridor. Anyway, I have more thoughts about this topic but I just wanted t
  3. Another look, this time at the full system! My digitization of what was on the display boards can be found here if anyone wants to play around with the data. They'll be similar in hue to the colours used on the display boards (and in my screenshot above), but slightly different tones to better match the aesthetic ?
  4. A sneak peek at the Barrhaven Alignment alternatives data that will be available on the system map soon... (colours not final). Some of these were quite difficult to digitize off of those display boards.
  5. When people say that our system is poorly designed because it has a "single point of failure" compared to other cities with multiple lines, I don't think they realize that any issue on any one of those cities' other lines inconveniences just as many people as an issue on our single line. e.g. Montreal's Green line cannot accommodate every person who gets stuck because the Orange line is down between Lionel-Groulx and Berri-UQAM.
  6. The Jack Pine by Tom Thomson (happened to pass through Rideau today, though I didn't take a picture).
  7. It's interesting that very few vehicles appear to have been completed in 2017.
  8. If any of you happen to be able to spot the builder's plate at either end of each train, would you be able to record the train number and year engraved on the plate? The CPTDB wiki is lacking accurate info (and it may be useful to include on this site too!)
  9. I'm pretty disappointed they didn't stick with the original concept. Keeping the Confederation Line and Trillium Line visually distinct (but "similar") would have been.. neat? I don't get why they're sticking with the "swoosh" or "wave". That was present on almost all OC Transpo material (pamphlets, maps, signs) for a couple of decades but then the system has undergone a major rebranding over the last few years to feature the O more. I'd get it if it were just the Confederation Line trains since they were ordered before the rebranding took place, but then they slapped it (and the O) onto
  10. Ken Woods has a great thread on twitter on some of the work that's been done over the last two years to get the project up and running. It has some great pictures and videos!
  11. The Beachburg Subdivision is now a snowmobile trail run by the West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association. They also plan on turning the old rail bridge across the Ottawa River at Fitzroy into the longest snowmobile bridge in the world. On Streetview there are still CN-branded warning signs along with dozens of other signs indicating that it's a snowmobile trail, that permits are required, and that trespassing is otherwise forbidden. A little disappointed I wouldn't be able to ride my bike down it.
  12. It's one of the questions I want to ask but haven't gotten around to asking yet.
  13. I noted both of these things too (although a little differently I guess?) These were both known issues that had occurred and were reported on, but to me neither of them would suggest any risk to safety. I would believe it if the doors still weren't working perfectly though we haven't heard anything about that, and like you mentioned it just hasn't been hot enough for sun kinks the last couple of weeks but we do know that they had some problems with that back in July. Just a maintenance thing though.
  14. Electrification as part of Stage 2 would have been too expensive, so they've deferred it to some "future" project. The nice thing about the FLIRT is that when it eventually is electrified, the FLIRTs can be easily converted to be used under fully-electric operations.
  15. I'm just re-posting what I wrote on SSP: I don't know if this has ever been noted on this thread (the search feature doesn't let me go back far enough based on the words I was looking for) so apologies if I'm stating the obvious here. I don't know why I had never realized this sooner, but it had always confused me why the original functional design for the extension noted that the frequency of the Trillium Line would be 8-10 minutes which of course was back in 2015 and then the next time a report was published that mentioned the frequency (I believe it was 2017) suddenly we had a har
  16. A CTA decision on the Trillium Line extension from back in May: https://otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/ruling/r-2019-73 Things I noticed: I guess there'll be some consultations on these? The new extended track south of Greenboro will be known as the "Bowesville Subdivision". The Prescott Subdivision will be no more. The Airport Spur will officially be known as the "Airport Spur". When the EA addendum was published, it had a chart of the simulations conducted based on the Stadler FLIRT's capabilities and showed a max speed of over 100km/h south of South Keys. If the track gets l
  17. I think I'm going to be out in the area again later this week so I'll be sure to check it out.
  18. Here's the document It says it will be a corrugated steel pipe culvert across the trench. I'm not a structural engineer but I would have imagined some kind of preparatory support work would be needed in order to support the weight of various equipment and the new bridge decks. At least some shrub removal. I guess if it is just a big pipe, that should be easy enough to install. Not sure why they needed 3 weeks for it though... In the photo above you can see a tarp lying next to the tracks. I was also there a few weeks ago and the tarp was lying across the tracks. I think they were doi
  19. This is what the Trillium Line looked like at the 417 yesterday: One week left to build the culvert?
  20. To quote what John Manconi said "Be the leading edge, not the bleeding edge". Electric buses are proven, and even in climates very similar to ours (looking at Montreal here). When we got the Hybrids, they were completely new. Yes, the batteries on the hybrids are one of the top problems with them, but they're also now a decade out of date.
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