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  1. That specific case is just CN using a leased locomotive.
  2. Just because CN is considering the abandonment of their tracks in Ottawa does not mean another railway will not fill its place.
  3. C7 is Portage and C8 is Dreamcatcher. Haven't been able to spot C4 or C9 yet.
  4. Well, on every article/thread on the LRT I see (and have seen for the last 5 months) there's always a handful of people who comment on how everything is going to fall apart once it starts snowing, so I guess I have to ask... @Corvulpes, are you able to comment on the reliability of the trains during the winter months?
  5. Sounds familiar... Guess they're taking their time to decide I mean, they have plenty of it for now. There was always some speculation on SSP as to whether that pocket track would be real or was just an indication of a future track (as they've done on geoOttawa several times before). It was last updated (as far as I can tell) after the contract was awarded to TransitNEXT. The data is whatever TransitNEXT's plan was at the time of bidding, I'm guessing. I was told the pocket track at Limebank isn't supposed to be there and that it would be removed soon, but it's still there for
  6. Montreal purchased additional Nova units late last year to continue their pilot. All buses on the 36 are now electric IIRC.
  7. The new signals near Greenboro have been brought online. Two trains were out testing them this afternoon between Brookfield and Greenboro. One train was slowly crawling towards Greenboro under Walkley and the new north-facing signal was showing Green over Red. Looking good!
  8. The FAQ has some answers on that, although the Stage 2 team never gave any specific frequencies.
  9. Just a light that didn't turn on. The corresponding door opened and closed normally. I was out by uOttawa and Hurdman today and the trains were running every 3 minutes, but after a little while trains got held up. A train at Hurdman was stopped for about 10 minutes (presumably because of an issue elsewhere on the line) and then after that there was a string of about 3 trains headed eastbound basically right behind each other. They've got the 15 trains out, but there are obviously a handful of hiccups left to fix.
  10. This morning I saw a train at Hurdman where one of the lights above the doors didn't light up. Hardly a serious issue and not something that could stop substantial completion, but still counts towards those items (I would think). There are plenty of small touchups to be done across the system too, even bigger things like the art installation at Tunney's isn't quite done yet. If they can reliably run 15 trains at once, then what is there left to prove? What would hold it back from actually being substantially complete? Substantial completion also needs to go through the independent
  11. https://bulldogottawa.com/alstom-moving-train-production-out-of-ottawa-city/ Alstom is reportedly moving future assembly of Stage 2 trains to the GTA.
  12. I think they've been doing this ever since it was first revealed that doors were a major problem, at least from what I've been seeing.
  13. It sounds like it could be time for another round of questions sent to the stage2 email. I don't think Bayview was designed with an extension, or bypass in mind. After all, it was almost 7 years ago that this project was approved and things were quite different back then. From the last set of question I sent in, I learned that there exists a bypass plan should they ever need to implement one, and from the Trinity Centre site plan it appears to be a bypass line on the West side of the station (basically where the MUP is now, and also what MOOSE suggested) so I think Stage 2's Bayview wa
  14. A handful refurbished to continue service for another 4-5 years depending on the service needs post-Stage 2. The rest retired to get rid of surplus fleet.
  15. The rail layer on geoOttawa shows where the extensions will be for each station. St. Laurent - Will be extended eastwards uOttawa - Entirely southwards Bayview - geoOttawa says east, despite entrance config Tunney's Pasture - Entirely westward Extensions for Stage 2 are also covered on geoOttawa. I've added this to my to-do list for the System Map.
  16. Also given that they were parked in the very back of the shed (i.e. the hardest to get out to work on) they probably aren't the ones that they're focusing on right now. The maintenance facility was active today as well, so I imagine work is being done on the weekends too. Wasn't possible to get a peek inside through the open maintenance doors.
  17. I biked past Belfast Yard today and observed something interesting. At the very back of the storage shed, along with most of the trains (none were out testing today) there were a few trains that appeared to be in the different stages of assembly (like I had seen a few months ago). Two of them were missing all of their roof panels, and another three were more assembled, but had blue protective film on some of their parts (near the windshields). I know 1135-1138 were already in assembly, but I wonder if Alstom had actually already started to assemble trains beyond that for Stage 2.
  18. Vehicles top out at 88km/h, but speeds on the line are generally about 50km/h. Average operating speed across the entire line is 25km/h (compared to the Confederation Line's 35km/h).
  19. Putting a charging station at Hurdman would unlock a lot of routes for electrification. For example, the routes 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, and 291 are all short enough that an electric bus could run round trips. Those are only the routes I could see on the map in the slides, and I live in the area so I'm biased, but there are plenty of other routes out of just Hurdman that could be served.
  20. If I'm not mistaken this has been a regulation for a long time now. I can't think of a single instance where this has been enforced though.
  21. A number of them were rebuilt, but they're done rebuilding them now. What we have is what we've got, and of course they've started taking some of them off the road as the Novabuses are delivered and enter service. I think the ones that have been retired are because of unrepeatable damage, or "unplanned" retirements in other words. I was kind of shocked at how quiet the Novabuses are in comparison. It's kind of annoying that the plastic covers on the back door bars fell off. it makes it a lot harder to operate them. Plus, the doors are reaaaally slow.
  22. Oh man, I missed that one. Make it 72 variations!
  23. The new OC Transpo website includes a page that features all of the submissions for the train naming contest: http://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/resources/name-the-train-contest-entries/ There were 71 variations of "Trainy McTrainface" submitted, for those who are curious.
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