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  1. CN will be "visiting" Ottawa next June 30 - July 5 as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations. https://www.cn100.ca/en/cities/ottawa/ Interesting considering their recent interest in leaving Ottawa?
  2. Not sure where else to put this, but the coaches from the Wakefield Steam Train have been scrapped. https://www.facebook.com/LostOttawa/posts/2249492811816597
  3. For some reason, it hasn't been posted on the cofed line website, but this update was sent out last Thursday for the week of the 22nd: Train Testing Significant progress continues to be made and crews are now starting to focus on the operational running of the Confederation Line as well as testing and commissioning. All 34 trains have completed the DPICO tests and the remaining tests will focus on Operational Scenario testing where the teams will simulate running a scheduled train service. There is ongoing testing of coupled trains on the alignment. Commissioning of
  4. I guess it kind of counts, but the work on expanding the Belfast storage shed is complete. They have most of their trains stored in the extension now. If you look closely in these photos you can also see what I believe are LRVs 35 and 36, nearing the completion of their assembly (note the missing roof panels).
  5. I noticed that "The Mountie" has a French translation on the name plate that isn't listed on the contest website.
  6. 1119 is Bluenose (was paired with 1105) Trains are currently dispersed pretty randomly. Some trains are less than a minute apart in one direction but 7-10 in the other.
  7. I like that it maintains the red with white stripe identity of the Trillium Line trains (borrowed from DB, of course ?) but also gives the maple leaf more prominence compared to the simple white maple leaf they integrated with the white stripe on the LINTs. I personally hope they go with it, or at least something similar. I'm almost certain they'll swap out the OC symbol on the front for the City of Ottawa logo though!
  8. Finally! Here's the image that went with the release: Unlike in the previous renders, it includes the power pack.
  9. It would be very cool if they opened up the new Trillium Line platform at Bayview prior to the Confederation Line opening like how they've opened up the staircase there. They'd have to barricade the stairs and escalators, and I would imagine that would require technically "handing the station over" so it probably won't happen... but it'd be cool.
  10. Some names: 1108 - Jacques Cartier 1114 - Nathan Cirillo 1129 - Boreal 1133 - Lord Stanley ???? - Henrietta Edwards (had no visible fleet number on the side or in the rear windshield, was coupled to 1130) From looking closely at the videos on the home page (these are educated guesses): 1101 - Odawa 1107 - Louis Riel Here's what the decals look like if you haven't seen one yet (red rectangle below the window): I had no idea what the name decals would look like until I spotted them today. I always thought they'd be near the top next to
  11. PTC is a very broad set of requirements and not really a specific technology like CBTC. In general, PTC is just described as "a fail-safe system that only allows trains to move when permitted, and only at the speed allowed". Technically, CBTC is a type of PTC! Indusi satisfies some of the requirements of PTC, but it does not enforce speed limits and is not fail-safe. The use of plain track-side electromagnets means that the system also can't relay a lot of information to an in-cab display. You can see a comparison of other PTC systems in this report. The Trillium Line will still used
  12. Wasn't really a requirement since the LINTs are allowed to operate anyway, but the FLIRTs do have better crash resistance (they meet the FRA's alternate requirements). The FLIRTs also have the advantage of being more configurable over the LINTs. Each side of each car on the FLIRT has 2 doors, whereas the LINT 41 only has 1 door per side per car (and that's a huge bottleneck). Other variations of the LINT like the LINT 54 and LINT 81 offer two doors per side per car, but aren't really configurable to the length the city needs. The LINT 81 may be the right length, but loses out in just abo
  13. Like every other component of the line, the tunnel needs to satisfy the City's requirements (which includes safety) before they'll accept a handover. Tunnels leaking is very common and can be mitigated. The Dow's Lake tunnel that the Trillium Line uses leaks (there's a pump building in the Arboretum), and just as another example would be the pedestrian tunnels at Carleton University. As long as the tunnel is regularly inspected (which it will be) for water damage, and as long as the pumping system (and backup system) stays intact, the tunnel will be fine. If there were any kind of floodi
  14. All 34 of the initial LRV's are complete and from the last FEDCO update, almost all of them have gotten all the required certifications. They've also started assembling LRV's 35-38 which are additional trains that the city ordered.
  15. I spotted 1103 around Hurdman on February 14th (just found the note I made of it).
  16. If you mean the glowing white box, that's a standard feature at all stations. It's where they display the name of the station, but I don't think they've finalized how they'll do that yet. I think the public art installation at uOttawa is all the portraits on the walls of the tunnel underneath the station.
  17. For anyone interested, Google Maps has just recently updated their satellite imagery to images taken in 2018. You can now see the full Confederation Line with all stations built as well as a few trains (such as 1122 at Tunney's and a couple near Belfast Yard). In the side menu on Google Maps you have to make sure "Globe" is turned off in order to see the new imagery.
  18. There hasn't been any mention of changing signalling systems in the Stage 2 study documents. There's no real point in doing so yet because the line doesn't run trains at a high enough frequency for CBTC to be useful.
  19. I wonder how transferring to or from the airport will work in practice. Hopefully it's convenient enough. I wonder how through-trains would work too. The line isn't going to have the capacity to run extra trains on the mainline that then branch off to the airport and the platforms on the airport spur are too short for the longer FLIRTs (of course that may have changed too). I guess this is why geoOttawa hasn't been updated with the Limebank extension either? Actually, wild idea: Since they're apparently going to use coupled LINTs, what if the two LINTs decouple at South Keys with one
  20. The Talents were put back up for auction recently. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=97&acctid=6620 As of now the highest bid is $2800.
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