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  1. Stadler has unveiled the "FLIRT Akku" which is a battery powered version of the FLIRT. It has a top speed of 140km/h and a range of 80km. It can charge via overhead electrification (in parts of routes that are electrified), via a dedicated power supply at terminal stations (kind of like how the Nova Bus LFSe works I guess?) and through regenerative braking. https://www.stadlerrail.com/en/meta/news-media/article/stadler-unleashes-flirt/ This seems like it would be perfect for use on the Trillium Line.
  2. It also probably depends on the condition of the rails and the type of rails that are used in the yard. I remember reading that the main/only reason CN tore up the rails on the Beachburg Subdivision a few years ago was because it was welded and could be re-purposed elsewhere. I have no idea what kind of rail they use in the yard though.
  3. The Ellwood diamond (just south of Mooney's Bay) is used frequently by VIA trains. It's operated on a "first come first serve" basis, so which ever train gets there first will get a clear signal. Every once in a while a Trillium Line train will be held up to wait for a VIA train to cross (it's happened while I was on board twice now). The Walkley diamond (south of Walkley and north of Greenboro) is used infrequently by freight. Usually when the O-Train has pulled into Greenboro the freight train will crawl across. I've seen it a couple of times recently. None of the corridors would b
  4. Yes, that would be the case although a short line operator might pop up. That's mostly it. There just isn't enough freight business in the area for CN to justify spending capital to upgrade deteriorating infrastructure to continue serving the area (the freight-only tracks are in pretty bad shape). It won't affect Trillium Line operations in any way. Apparently the NRC receives most deliveries by truck nowadays anyway, but they could probably always just run one-off freight deliveries when they need to..
  5. While this forum generally doesn't discuss freight (since there's so little) this is a somewhat important bit of news: CN has updated their 3-year plan and will potentially abandon all of their freight lines in the Ottawa area. This includes the track out to Arnprior, Walkley Yard, and a line branching off of the Alexandria subdivision up to Hawkesbury. This would likely mean the end of freight trains in the Ottawa area (with the exception of QGRY in the east end of Gatineau). https://pub-ucpr.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=88
  6. IIRC both have sandboxes. In the past I have seen piles of sand on the Trillium Line rails at either Carleton or Bayview(?). I think I also remember reading that the Spirits would also have sandboxes, but I can't remember where.
  7. The South-East transitway would be from South Keys to Hurdman, not just from Heron. From the functional design report it looks like there will be a pedestrian overpass, although it showed that Queensview was originally supposed to be an island platform. Hopefully they kept the overpass in the final design..
  8. Today in a talk on Transit at Carleton, Doucet said that (if elected) he would bring his regional rail system into downtown instead of just having it stop at Bayview. I don't know if he said how, just that he would.
  9. They're guard rails. In the event of a derailment, they are supposed to catch the flanges/wheels of the train to prevent the train from completely going off the track (i.e. off a bridge or into a tunnel wall). There are another type of inner rail (I know you can find them at the curve going into Lees among other places) that are much closer to the actual rail than the ones in the photo which I think serve another purpose. I don't know for sure what it is, but if I were to guess these ones are meant to help guide the wheels around curves (via the flanges) to try and reduce the amount of gr
  10. The EA for an extension into Kanata was completed and published earlier this year. Watson's hope is that the two extensions will be built together as part of Stage 3. https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-engagement/projects/kanata-light-rail-transit-planning-and-environmental-assessment-study
  11. No images yet... but we're supposed to be getting them in ..4 months? A little less of a wait than for the FLIRTs!
  12. I'm wondering what kind of livery they'll go with for the FLIRTs. They could stick with the current Trillium Line scheme but I can also imagine they might go with the new scheme they're using on the Confederation Line. That said, I find the scheme on the Confederation Line to be a little bland and the swoosh is a bit outdated at this point. It'd be cool if they could work the "Red O" into the designs more. I have a neat idea for a scheme that could look cool on the trains, maybe if I have time I'll try and draw it out and share it.
  13. Quick link to the FLIRT³ docs. https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/default/files/Appendix C _Natural_and_Air_Quality_TRI_Provincial_EA_Addendum_Appendices.pdf#page=102
  14. At least MOOSE keeps the dates in its documents up to date. That timeline conflicts with Stage 2 though (I guess they're still assuming the city will drop the Trillium Line entirely). In July of 2020 the Trillium Line will have just been closed to do work for the Stage 2 upgrades and at some point the corridor will need to be shut down for 3 weeks anyway to facilitate 417 overpass work. It does however, put them in the perfect position to integrate their construction work (such as double tracking the corridor) with the Stage 2 work to provide "minimal" disruption... y'know, should it
  15. The retirement of the Hybrid buses is going to cause an overall reduction in the size of OC Transpo's fleet. The 82 new buses are being ordered to replace 82 other buses. What he wants to do is increase service on most/all bus routes, which would require the larger fleet size that includes the hybrids.
  16. Clive Doucet has announced his plan for commuter rail if he becomes mayor. https://www.cliveformayor.ca/clive_doucet_announces_capital_region_rail
  17. A general question: Would anyone happen to know anything about the history of the old route 8 (now 44) and the old route 40 (now 293)? Both of these routes traveled from the south end of the city into Gatineau. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but is Gatineau a common commuting destination for people living in the south end?
  18. There are agreements between OC Transpo and the STO for things like this (such as existing bus transfers) and those could always be modified to better suit inter-provincial rail transit across the PoW bridge. These kinds of things are why people feel that there should be a federal agency to manage inter-provincial connections because otherwise there will always be one side who isn't willing to do the things that would improve transit in the NCR as a whole versus just "their side".
  19. In Ottawa our trains will dwell at the Airport for a while too. At the South Keys end, they'll pull into the pocket track to make room for the mainline trains before pulling back out and off to the Airport.
  20. The catch is that MOOSE's primary goal is to sell houses (and other buildings) around those stations. That's why they're built so out of the way, so that they can build around them. Their goal isn't to serve existing people unless they "subscribe" to the service. The only problem with buses is that they aren't very attractive (compared to trains), and once they reach the city they have to deal with traffic. While Bayview isn't really downtown, it has sufficient transit connections to get people where they need to go with ease.
  21. Well, this is at least 5 years old, but there is this wonderful stitching error on some of Google Maps' satellite imagery:.
  22. That's a fairly Ottawa/Ontario-centric way of looking at it. Their proposed routes into Quebec going North and East would definitely have some ridership potential. North to Wakefield would have a bit of commuter traffic, but would also otherwise be big on touristic travels. Heading out East there are many dense-ish (relatively speaking) areas all along the tracks that could also provide a decent amount of traffic. Crossing the bridge heading in either way has its obvious advantages so it's really not surprising that they'd fight for it.
  23. MOOSE still isn't dead. As of a month ago they were in talks with another potential investor (so, business as usual, but not dead). They're also awaiting the result of the PoW bridge case.
  24. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/city-hall-blog-city-reaches-agreement-for-cell-service-in-the-lrt-tunnel There will be cell service in the tunnel! (Provided by TELUS). Hopefully other carriers sign on.
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