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  1. I think part of the original plan was to leave space for a new MSF near Bowesville which would explain the offset platforms. Since then, I think the plan has changed and they'll be building a new MSF in Walkley Yard directly adjacent to the existing one. I don't think they'll ever need to build a new one for the Trillium Line. The east half of Bayview station will be completely redone (including MUPs and such) to make room for the second platform. New elevators, escalators, etc...
  2. One thing I'd like to know is how they'll handle all the discrepancies between a FLIRT and a coupled pair of LINTs. A coupled pair of LINTs only has 4 doors per side, compared to a FLIRT''s 8. The FLIRTs will no doubt have a higher acceleration thanks to their electric drive motors compared to the LINTs. Will yellow bollards also be installed at Trillium Line stations to prevent people from falling in between the two LINT cars? How will platform extenders be handled? (My guess is full platform-length extenders).
  3. Walkley will only have a single platform. It will be essentially identical to Mooney's Bay station. Yes! The design report stated that the platforms will be doubled in length from 35m to 70m. The LINTs currently overhang too.
  4. I think the Trillium Line will always have more or less the same station designs they have now (like the difference between a TTC Subway station and a GO station). They'll probably add glass canopies at platform level like the ones that they're using on the C-Line, but skip the big architectural roofs.
  5. This time around OC Transpo isn't making an off-the-shelf purchase. These trains will be designed to suit Ottawa's needs (so no bathrooms!) What I wish they borrowed from the TEXRail trains are those bike racks! There are pictures/videos showing the interior of the TEXRail trains and the inside of the power pack is just a narrow, windowless hallway.
  6. Received a few answers about the FLIRTs from Stage 2. They will continue the tradition of not having bike racks, but will have multi-user areas between each pair of doors. They will be "partially"(?) built in Switzerland and then will probably be assembled in Ottawa. Spec-wise, they will be similar to TEXRail's FLIRTs.
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