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  1. After reading the "Spaces" section, although I think some aspects aren't necessary, the whole project makes more sense. Thanks for the info
  2. This is cool and all, but honestly are there studies or something that actually shows a demand for a central library, especially in 2021 and the post-covid world? Out of the million people living in Ottawa, how many actually go to libraries nowdays? I'm not sure it's high enough to justify this new building, unless they are planning on closing smaller libraries?
  3. I'm surprised they added this new layout on GeoOttawa, considering that the one for Tunney's Pasture is still the pre-confederation line layout haha...
  4. Lincoln Fields mystery question for you all: Does anyone know why GeoOttawa have the following layout for the transitway roads at lincoln fields? Is this some kind of ancient Lincoln Fields rejected station layout? Or is this the updated Stage 2 bus loop layout?
  5. @Loud-InveroHey! After further digging, I actually found another abandoned Transitway Station, the old Place d'Orleans Terminus from the 90s. If you zoom in on GeoOttawa, you can even see the bus shelters and the Transitway signs.
  6. It seems like a really odd place to build a busway, know of any reasons why they built it in the first place?
  7. Have you taken it recently? I used to take the 63/64 every day for work, and it was the worst nightmare. It would take around 20minutes to go from Solandt and down Teron road (a stretch that takes 3minutes in car non-peak hour). It is also crazy hard to go north passed Terry Fox, due to the crazy detour the 63 and 64 take after Innovation, snaking through all the tiny suburban streets up in Morgan's Grant and Shirley's brook. Klondike Station alone would make bussing downtown a feasible option for everyone in Kanata North. A transitway down March would cut at least 20minutes of travel time fro
  8. Hey! It would be nice to have a longer list of "recent posts" in the forums on the right-hand side, just a thought
  9. Follow up version to the follow up version ready
  10. Cool! I wonder if there are other stretches of abandoned Transitway remaining today I don't know about
  11. Did ya'll know about the first OC-transpo terminal built in Kanata? Located next to Kanata Town Center, this was the first stretch of Transitway built in Kanata. It was abandoned after the construction of Terry Fox station north of the Highway. It is now used by Ontario Northland as a tiny/useless province-bus service terminal.
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