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  1. Here are some photo taken on August 6th of the REM maintenance depot.
  2. Here are some progress pics of the REM along side highway 40 in Montreal, Fairview height. (Pictures taken between August 1st and August 4th 2020)
  3. Up next, the BRT maps
  4. Thanks! It's a software called Concept Draw Diagram. Allows to make charts, maps, layouts, etc out of templates, basically a variant of Power Point. Not a fantastic software, but they have a free trial version so that's what I'm using.
  5. Another addition to the post-2030 series of maps
  6. Ya, I'm thinking they NCC would require a cut-and-cover under Queen Elizabeth Drive
  7. Here's the separate map for Line 3
  8. I only added about half of the Walkley BRT; honestly I'm not even sure the project will ever go ahead, there's been no assessment and there doesn't seem to be much interest to invest in transit in that area. I added the park and ride, as they might want to take advantage of all this vacant land (see pic).
  9. Thanks! Martin's Corners is the name of the neighborhood between Trim and Cumberland. That stretch of bus-lane/at-grade transitway is one of my speculative additions to the TMP. There are major housing projects over there, so I feel like the population density of the area would justify at least some bus lanes and a park and ride. I thought about adding a park and ride in Cumberland, but because of the way land parcels are setup, there will never be a high enough density to require more than just express buses. And you're right, unless Rockland pays for a transit project, there'll never be outer-Ottawa connections.
  10. Final revision!
  11. Lincoln Fields' bus loop entrance reconfiguration
  12. Might also want to add a section for Montreal's REM? I have a bunch of short videos and pictures of the project.
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure how they'll deal with this. The entire goal of a tram-tunnel and the confederation line is to remove all rush-hour buses from downtown right, so I reaaally hope that in the 2030s the city of Ottawa won't allow Gatineau to operate surface buses during rush-hour.
  14. Here's the updated version https://imgur.com/gallery/XlFOG59
  15. That's right! Knew I forgot something... However, I saw recently that the Baseline portion had been postponed, apparently the public found that the project as presented would result in too much traffic and noise. I'll still add it on the map why not
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