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  1. I just wanted to know where you got the source "That all Orion VIIs have retired" from because it might have not have been reliable, That's all. The CPTDB has now officially blocked all visitors from viewing the National Capital Region due to admins against coping and pasting content on this forum.
  2. @OC Transpo/STO Fan Where are you getting this source from?
  3. 0321 > Unknown route 4:23pm 0324 > 33 Cegep Garbrielle-Roy 3:24pm 0325 > 34x Du Plateau 3:08pm
  4. The traffic lights at SJAM and Dominion are all now LED. so that means the aluminum 12-8-12s signals are gone. All that remains now are Bronson/Albert and Lees/417 off ramp.
  5. The traffic lights on Carling Avenue at Lincoln Fields Station are now hanging on large wires.
  6. To be honest, I was never was a CPTDB wiki editor. I tried so many times, filling in so many applications but I just kept getting rejected. I had to keep making edit requests in the Content Changes Forums.
  7. Also, If there was a O-Train Fans wiki I would frequently add updates to the STO wrap ads. That section on the CPTDB version is always ignored.
  8. One of the Aluminium 12-8-12 signal on Sir John A MacDonald/Dominion is now replaced with an LED 12-8-12. Only one remains there. The other that still remain are Albert/Bronson (2 right turn signals) and Lees/Highway 417 (2 straight ahead signals).
  9. The 20XXs are back on the road. Source: CPTDB
  10. Something like this: Rail Fans Forums: O-Train Fans - Ottawa's O-Train Enthusiasts O-Train Stations Metro Fans - Montreal's Metro Enthusiasts Metro Stations SkyTrain Fans - Vancouver's SkyTrain Enthusiasts SkyTrain Stations Subway Fans - Toronto's Subway Enthusiasts Subway Stations Bus Fan Forums: OC Transpo/STO Fans - National Capital Region's OC Transpo/STO Enthusiasts Ottawa-Gatineau Region History and Photos STM Fans - Greater Montreal Area's STM Enthusiasts Montreal Region History and Photos Translink Fans - Metro Vancouver's Translink Enthusiasts Vancouver Region History and Photos TTC Fans - Greater Toronto Area's TTC Enthusiasts Greater Toronto Area History and Photos
  11. Here's of what I believe the wiki should include: List of all O-Train Models, Lines (Confederation & Trillum), etc. List of some other Train/Metro/Subway Models List of all Stations from O-Train and beyond. List of all Bus Models mostly from OC Transpo and STO maybe a few others. List of OC Transpo and STO Routes Those are a few of my suggestions, If you have more please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi @Shane It is possible to create an O-Train fans wiki for this forum? CPTDB and Transitfan Network both have one even though the latter's is completely out of date. Also, How would you handle Wiki editors? Should new members wait awhile until they they get used to posting on this forum or should you create an applications forum for members to sign up? Anyway, What you do think of this idea? Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks
  13. Is it possible to create both separate Bus and Train subforums? The Ottawa-Gatineau region and the History and Photos forums for example only has threads about buses and not trains.
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