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  1. All ex-Calgary were GPS tracked, they had NSAS on them
  2. I had forgotten about this, thank you! If only this was around when the classics were still in service. Would have been awesome to use this to track the ex-Calgary :)
  3. They're being treated like the old classics and are only be dispatched when needed. They've basically only been sending out anything 14XX up only the last year or so.
  4. I've forgotten to keep you updated.. all 02XX were retired, so whatever plurality of older LFS with their original livery remain, will probably retain it until retirement
  5. I mean, we're also in APTA but we're not American? lol. I wouldn't call the O-Train a metro by along shot...
  6. Very nice! IMO you should have gotten a D40 on it since it's as old as you! lol
  7. Great step in the right direction, but that's a hard pass for me to try out until they can provide some form of P.O.P that I can use for buses that aren't at fare paid zones. Not to mention, full price fare vs what I pay for EquiPass
  8. IMO to improve service, They should create special 85 trips that run between Gatineau and Pimisi, similar to how the 17 runs midday between Lyon and Gatineau. Better yet, instead of making Routes 15, 17 the old "180" for people transferring from Blair or Rideau, they should see if they can just extend some eastbound routes to Gatineau like the 39 or even some Connexion Routes. Atlas, I think OC would never do this today like they did in the past, but certainly what I can say is the current way of they're doing it is not ideal given the problems with the 85 vs the old 44 (and older 8/88) and th
  9. I honestly don't understand, why do we need an BRT on March Rd? Never once have I taken a 93 (63, 64, 266) during peak periods and thought we need a BRT. We already have lots of road space and speed limits are 80km/h, and unless they're going to create expanded service on the 66, 165, or 166, that will fundamentally change how the 63/64 operte today, given they travel via Herzberg, Leggett, Solandt, etc. during off peak hours.
  10. All buses have been delivered about a week ago
  11. That's all, There use to be the Greenboro bus way on Lorry Greenberg you'd be able to see the remains of back in 2009, but around 2010+, it was patched up made to look like no buses used to go through there. The Busway was closed with the opening of the Southern Transitway on September 3rd, 1995.
  12. Hate to correct you, but that's not correct. It wasn't abandoned until 2014. In 2002, they thought they'd make Kanata Centrum a new Transitway Station, but due to spacing limitations and the fact OC Transpo doesn't own the property its on, they opted to build a new station at Terry Fox. Even after a phased opening of Terry Fox station starting in September 2004, Kanata Centrum was still served by Route 96 until 2014 when the ridership no longer justified deviating the 96 and 203 to serve K.T.C
  13. They've ran through Woodroffe pre Carlingwood so they determined that they'd make the 174 (Route 87 today) which already runs on Woodroffe servce Woodroffe/Fairlawn to Carlingwood back in the 90's. They've already got the 11 and 153 today running on Richmond so I honestly don't think they'd extend the 58 to where you're describing, especially with service being cut to Lincoln Fields from Carlingwood in Setpember 2004. Here are scans for reference. 1990 1992 1994 1996 2001 June 2004 Sept. 2004
  14. A photo of OC C4 arriving at Carleton Station. Photo Taken March 9th, 2020.

    © Josh Robillard

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