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  1. That's exactly why that happened, You kept just copying and pasting between forums...
  2. Like the original 95 routing? This would make more sense to give that routing to the 87, since it replaced the former 174 and that it's terminus would not be much more far. Despite proposal to shorten the 74 to Nepean Woods, it's still a pretty long route and would certainly significantly add more time for those trying to head to Tunney's Pasture. I would actually like to see this routing return.
  3. OC 1108-1105 arriving at Hurdman Station, heading west. Taken with an S20 Ultra with "10x Zoom"

    © Josh Robillard

  4. They should have one at Terry Fox so that People from Kanata or Stittsville who need to redeem bus pass vouchers don't have to travel to Rideau to get their stuff done, as it seems the service center at Lincoln will most likely be permanently closed until 2025 or whenever the train starts running. Alternatively, MetroLinx could maybe get off their butt and make physical cards almost a thing of the past by allowing us to use our phones to use our monthly pass, but they're so slow and provide little innovation, that OC is making backdoor deals with the card reader manufacture (S&B) to advanc
  5. Although they had a retail spot constructed, they never did they actually had any retailer be established given the close proximity to Kanata Centrum. Though around that time OC posted tenders for retail spots on the LRT, they also posted spots on the BRT including, Terry Fox. I'll see if I can find that later...Before the Tunney's Pasture arson of 2003, Tunney's Pasture had a Quickie/Gateway, but as mentioned, it was burnt down and never reopened.
  6. Probably on the lower level similar to Hurdman or Blair. I hope they open something like a Quickie/Circle K as opposed to a H.G.C. I could use a cheap hot chocolate instead of paying $3.00 for a small H.C and maybe access to better selection of goods. Gateway/Quickie missed out on an opportunity, but given how they were treated with the 09' Baseline demolition, 2015 Hurdman Closure, and the closing of the Bayshore location in 2017 (I miss that store so much) and then the PDO and Lincoln Closure in 2019, it's no surprise they never bid for a spot on the LRT. Hell, I'm not surprised even Tim Hor
  7. All ex-Calgary were GPS tracked, they had NSAS on them
  8. I had forgotten about this, thank you! If only this was around when the classics were still in service. Would have been awesome to use this to track the ex-Calgary :)
  9. They're being treated like the old classics and are only be dispatched when needed. They've basically only been sending out anything 14XX up only the last year or so.
  10. I've forgotten to keep you updated.. all 02XX were retired, so whatever plurality of older LFS with their original livery remain, will probably retain it until retirement
  11. I mean, we're also in APTA but we're not American? lol. I wouldn't call the O-Train a metro by along shot...
  12. Very nice! IMO you should have gotten a D40 on it since it's as old as you! lol
  13. Great step in the right direction, but that's a hard pass for me to try out until they can provide some form of P.O.P that I can use for buses that aren't at fare paid zones. Not to mention, full price fare vs what I pay for EquiPass
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