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  1. I find the Aylmer (Plateau) option to be a good option. Easy road access, parity with the east and central areas of Gatineau having their own hospital, and a nice large piece of land to do things properly with future possibility to further expand if ever required. Hoping this is where it gets built.
  2. I think the point of platform level gates that makes them undesirable is that if you want to switch from eastbound to westbound (or vice versa) platforms, you have to exist one set of gates and re-enter the other ones. This isn't common and I know that a lot of people remark on this fact in Montreal at Bonaventure (although at Bonaventure, you can switch from one platform to another via a small narrow bridge between the platforms and concourse level, but it is stairs only). Personally at Queensview, I don't think it will be much of an issue but definitely one of the odd-balls in the netwo
  3. Seems to suggest based on the wording that there is a track issue they want to address "pro-actively" before it worsens or becomes a bigger issue? But yes bad timing.
  4. Regardless of how REM is being done and financed, it is a big benefit and will definitely create much improvement in public transit in Montreal and the region. For that, I am happy and welcome its arrival. The cost to the city and other levels seems reasonable for what is being offered and done. I too am very much looking forward to it. Eager to ride through La Gare Centrale in a year and a half. Equally eager to see how the entrance will be done visually in the Gare Centrale from the main grand hall. Hopefully they keep the current look as much as possible (with elevators added on) and not so
  5. Lots of possibilities. Extending Expo east from Waterfront would be an interesting option, although it would also be equally interesting to see it extend at Burrard. The complexities of doing it at Burrard no doubt would be due to the station and lines being stacked and underground so extending this without a decent shutdown may be one of the challenges in that routing. Waterfront is essentially on the surface going east at that point, so it could be connected without causing a big shutdown. Of course, shutdowns don't necessarily inform or dictate how such a project is designed or chosen
  6. If I remember correctly, they had said at the time Stage 2 was starting that they would be providing even better updates than what was done in Stage 1. I find the updates went from weekly to monthly if even that. Although what they would report in the weekly updates was sometimes 2-3 weeks late. If you go on your newsletter for Stage 2, there is a link at the top to see the archives, but it only shows the last dozen or so that were sent, anything older is not retained it would seem.
  7. Shane


    I would love to see the Trim lot get compacted to a third of it's footprint by replacing it with a parking structure. It would make it easier for people to reach the station (be covered from the elements and a shorter walk even at the farthest corner). The rest of the land could be then repurposed for other developments.
  8. Shane


    To me, being attached or located adjacent to the parkade would have reduced the burden financially on the Airport Authority as the structure is already there, as are the walkways. It would also permit further expansion of the line should that ever be deemed useful or warranted. The current solution is very good and I have no complaints.
  9. Shane


    That would have been an interesting approach. Not sure why they didn't. The parkade and existing walkway to the terminal would be sufficient and adequate to reach the terminal. Would have created a more streamlined look, like the UP express at Pearson, while having it extend to the hotels nearby would have been like the Link Train that serves the two terminals and Viscount parking. Although at that point such an extension is more to the airports benefit and the nearby hotels than anything else.
  10. Very interesting find. Really illustrates clearly the populations in proximity to each of the stations. It does appear less ideal than it sounds at first glance. 5km as we have often discussed is not a reasonable walk-able distance and not something most people can be expected or even want to do. It would be very interesting to see it shown more as 1km from the stations. Surely those near Rideau, Bayshore, and other high saturation areas would peak on such a list with the rest being quite low. Even locations like Jeanne d'Arc or Convent Glen with housing on both sides of the highway would show
  11. Shane


    I am not against this. The Trim park and ride lot is quite large and expansive, however if ridership does increase from those living in Rockland, etc... the lot capacity may not handle it indefinitely. There is nothing worse than arriving at a park and ride lot and not finding a spot to park, or having to circle indefinitely. I have never tried Trim but back in the day, the ones at Place d'Orleans were always full by the time I would arrive to try to use it. In that case, I would eventually give up and drive the rest of the way, unable to properly park my car where I had wanted to take the bus
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