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  1. Shane


    This is very interesting. These are details I did not know about Rideau. While it may seem excessive to have two entrances from a shopping centre, there is presidence for this in Toronto at the Eaton Centre. It does in fact have two entrances, not quite at the extremeties but the mall is fairly long and it does help give better access. Rideau is more compact but it would allow better access to the mall and an easier flow through, despite having two entrances link to the same station. At least the elevator entrance provides a second option, one that many many people seem to prefer. I look forward to more discussion on these future potential connections, and those that never happened! Quite fascinating.
  2. Alexander Glista made the acquisition of a retired TTC CLRV Streetcar. You can follow Alexander on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AlexanderGlista Here is a great interview and video by CityNews. https://toronto.citynews.ca/video/2020/08/04/new-home-for-old-ttc-streetcar/ SUPER COOL! Congrats Alex.
  3. Happy to hear you enjoyed the Azur. The air flow is significantly improved over the older generation trains and can be very strong when the train is fairly empty. It is impressive how it works and gets the job done. Of course, the look of the trains themselves, the colour scheme and the finishing touches are a world apart from anything else. The STM definitely got the best train they possibly could.
  4. All good. I too agree, Orleans Blvd right before Place d'Orleans, would potentially be confusing and to have two stations share part of the name right next to each other would be bad planning. Convent Glen is a very good choice and is indeed the name of that community so why not. To Phil's comment about the map, hopefully they use a map of this sort that shows both lines in a clear way, for the in train displays and signage.
  5. Riley Brockington is asking the public via twitter for comments on Walkley Station : OC Transpo is planning to name the new LRT Station at Walkley Road, "Walkley Station". The current Transitway Station a few metres to the east shares this name. Do you have any strong feelings about the name? Let me know. My take : The same name would be fine if the O-Train and bus stations were actually connected as one. As the plans currently do not, having to exit one to enter another makes them unique and two distinct stations. Two names. I still hold some small hope of a proper integrated connection.
  6. The elevated guideway really excites me. It will definitely have a SkyTrain feel to it for a good portion of that branch. Great pics Antoine.
  7. Shane

    Station Retail

    Just saw this on OC Transpo’s website. Happy Goat Coffee construction begins. Construction starts (started) August 3rd and should be completed late September. https://www.octranspo.com/en/news/article/happy-goat-coffee-construction-begins-Aug3/
  8. New renders. Haven’t dived into it yet to have caught that. Looks like some updates to the station pages is in order. As things evolve over time I think I may try to keep all of the renders but put a date underneath as to when they were updated so we can see the evolution over time. (We will see how that goes).
  9. Final names are needed for 24 new O-Train stations: 11 new stations in the west extension 8 new stations in the south extension 5 new stations in the east extension The new names will be incorporated into Stage 2 design. You can have your say on the new names! We are holding a public consultation from August 5 to August 26. We would love to hear what you think of the proposed names. We also welcome suggestions for different names. http://www.octranspo.com/en/our-services/stage-2-station-names --- Interestingly, a few have changed from the original Stage 2 name to a new proposed name. Specifically Orleans Blvd. (Convent Glen), Dominion (Kichi Sibi), Cleary (Sherbourne) and Baseline (Algonquin).
  10. There has been some questions (asked elsewhere) and I would like to take a moment to clarify an important point regarding O-Train fans and the new sites that are planned to launch. Metro Fans will definitely go ahead. The Toronto and Vancouver sites are very much dependent on getting enough interest from people to help contribute both text and photos, as being from Ottawa, I am not in a position physically to be able to cover them as I have done here.
  11. After months of reduced fleet availability (essentially since Day 1 it would seem), yesterday news came that RTG had managed to make available 15 trains for service as promised by August 4th. However.... however.... 13 trains + 2 spares to make 15. This is due to the ongoing wheel crack inspections that reduce the fleet count, and it seems like we would have had 15+2 spares if that had not been the case. Hopefully the root cause can be found in short order so that we can finally get to the level of service we should have, and for maximum physical distancing. Here is the memo on this news : https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-o-train-line-1-confederation-line-fleet-availability-update Of course, the real test will be to see how long 13+2 can last before it drops down again, which has happened regularly since the start of 2020.
  12. O-Train South Extension - Construction Update for July July 31, 2020 In the south, there is ongoing work at the Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) and on multiple rail bridges including Airport Parkway, Uplands Road, Lester Road, Leitrim Road, Bowesville Road, Earl Armstrong Road, and Limebank Road. Existing Trillium Line Gladstone Station ▪ Rock excavation through the use of hoe ramming and controlled blasting is underway to widen the rail corridor at Gladstone Avenue. Pictured Above: Gladstone Station rock removal following controlled detonation. Carleton Station Multi-Use Pathways (MUPs) ▪ The northside MUPs to the underpass have been closed to accommodate construction. A temporary MUP detour has been constructed to maintain pedestrian and cyclist connectivity away from active construction. ▪ The southside MUP will also be closed to accommodate construction, and a detour will be in place to maintain pedestrian and cyclist connectivity. Dows Lake Tunnel ▪ Removal of rail inside the Dows Lake Tunnel is complete, crews are currently removing expansion joint covers. Ellwood Diamond ▪ Caisson drilling work for the new rail bridge between Mooney’s Bay Station and Walkley Station continues. Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) ▪ Crews continue to work on the MSF Main Building foundations including concrete work for the light and heavy maintenance pits, elevator pits, grade beams and underfloor services. ▪ Civil works for the underground utilities including storm drainage and sanitary system are continuing. Trillium Line South Extension South Keys Station ▪ A section of the Sawmill Creek multi-use pathway (MUP) closed early in July for 3 weeks to accommodate foundation work for the future South Keys Station. Activities include site preparation, fence installation, excavation, and foundation construction. A detour is in place to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists. Pictured Above: A multi-use pathway detour is in place to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists in the area of the future South Keys Station. Airport Parkway Rail Bridge ▪ Crews are finishing bridge embankment works. ▪ Bridge deck panel installation is underway. Airport Elevated Guideway ▪ 14 of 17 caissons have been poured. ▪ 9 of 17 columns have been poured. ▪ 3 of 12 pier caps have been completed. ▪ Caisson, column, and pier cap work continues. Uplands Drive Rail Bridge ▪ Crews are finishing bridge embankment works. ▪ Bridge deck panel installations are complete, and preparations to start deck formwork are underway. Lester Road Rail Bridge ▪ Pier cap construction and installation of rail girders are complete. ▪ Preparations to begin bridge deck rebar and formwork are underway. Leitrim Road Rail Bridge ▪ 2 of 4 caissons are complete. The 2 remaining north caissons are pending watermain reconfiguration. ▪ Construction of the south abutment cap is underway. ▪ Retaining wall construction continues. Bowesville Road Rail Bridge ▪ Bridge deck panel installation is getting underway Bowesville Station ▪ Ground improvement work continues between Earl Armstrong Road and Bowesville Road in preparation for station construction. Earl Armstrong Rail Bridge ▪ Work on the north columns and pier caps continue. ▪ 2 south columns have been cast. ▪ Construction of the south abutment cap is underway. Pictured Above: 2 south columns cast for Earl Armstrong Rail Bridge. Limebank Elevated Guideway ▪ 6 of 10 caissons are complete. ▪ 4 of 10 columns are complete. ▪ Ground improvement work for the Limebank Road embankment continues. Guideway between Leitrim Road and Earl Armstrong Road ▪ Ground improvement work is underway at the Earl Armstrong Road embankments. Guideway between Hunt Club Road and Leitrim Road ▪ Embankment work is ongoing. ▪ Culvert installation work has begun.
  13. O-Train West Extension - Construction Update for July July 31, 2020 In the west, work at Lincoln Fields, Iris, Queensview, and the Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility is in full swing. Construction of the rail flyover bridge in Connaught Park has begun, and utility relocation activities have begun in preparation for the commencement of cut and cover tunnel construction later this year. Tree Removal Lincoln Fields east side of transitway in August. Lawn Avenue parkette trees to be removed in early August. Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility Excavation and embankment construction are nearing completion. Culvert construction has begun with shoring and caisson work. Preparations for Moodie Drive watermain relocation are underway. Baseline Station Area Construction and excavation on new bus operator building scheduled to begin this summer. Excavation is ongoing in preparation for retaining wall construction near Navaho Drive. Pinecrest Creek Pond Boring for eventual hydro line relocation is complete. Iris Station Area Temporary relocation of a hydro line on the north side of Iris Street is complete, in advance of the culvert extension. Foundation construction is taking place to support the future culvert. Flyover Rail Bridge (south of Lincoln Fields) Bridge drill shafts are complete. Work for piers is ongoing. Connaught Cut and Cover Tunnel Utility and manhole relocation work is ongoing in Connaught Park and on Connaught Avenue. Crews are preparing build a temporary access road for hauling excavated material. A multi-use pathway detour is complete. Lincoln Fields Station Area Crews are relocating a storm sewer that conflicts with the future Lincoln Fields Station and guideway. Carling Avenue utility work is ongoing on the south side of Carling Avenue and on the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. Drainage work and road work for temporary bus loop is ongoing. Soil stripping is ongoing. Carling Avenue south excavation is ongoing. Night work will occur periodically. Byron and Richmond Corridor (Byron Linear Park) Crews have begun erecting temporary concrete barriers, signage, and fencing, for the closure of Byron Linear Park (between Redwood Avenue and Richardson Avenue) to accommodate tunnel and station construction until 2025. Reduced on-street parking on Byron Avenue to accommodate construction. A temporary sidewalk is being completed on the south side of Byron Avenue. Sidewalk construction will begin on Richmond Road between McEwen Avenue & Redwood Avenue. Hydro Ottawa duct bank excavations on the north side of Richmond Road between Woodroffe Avenue and Cleary Avenue is complete. Hydro relocation work on Richmond Road near McEwen Park progressing east. Preparations for New Orchard intersection modification work to begin. Rochester Field Laydown Site This site will be used for the coordination of equipment, crews, and materials that will support LRT tunnel construction. Construction site setup is ongoing with the building of an access road and fence installation. Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (SJAM) Excavation, granular, paving and drainage work ongoing. The pathway on the south side of the SJAM Parkway has been closed with a detour in place. Lane closures will be needed at the SJAM Parkway at Carling Avenue, by Lincoln Fields in order to relocate utilities. Traffic lane flip to new roadway is expected in July. Construction of drainage outfalls ongoing. Pictured Above: Ongoing excavation in Connaught Park at Hanlon Avenue. Pictured Above: Temporary concrete barrier installation along Byron Linear Park, and temporary sidewalk along the south side of Byron Avenue. Stage 2 Confederation Line West Extension Connectivity Review The Rail Construction Program is reviewing Stage 2 station connectivity and had invited the public to comment on how they will get to stations along the East, West, and South Extensions. Early concepts for connectivity remain available on Ottawa.ca/Stage2.
  14. Confederation Line East Extension - Construction Update for July July 31, 2020 In the east, Highway 174 road and utility relocation work is ongoing to make way within the centre median for LRT infrastructure. Bridge construction is underway for the rail flyover east of Blair Road, and at the Montreal Interchange. Highway 174 Roadworks between Blair Road to Place d’Orleans area Crews continue the construction of new lanes on the south side of Highway 174, east of Blair Road. Culvert work between Blair Road and Shefford Road is ongoing. A required bus lane closure will remain in place until mid-August in order to accommodate the work zone for the Retained Soil Systems (RSS) wall at Green’s Creek. Monitoring equipment has been installed to ensures noise and vibration levels remain compliant with project limits. Flyover Rail Bridge (East of Blair Road) Preparations to drill bridge caissons within the centre median of Highway 174 are underway. Lane reductions on Highway 174 may be required to accommodate this work. Highway 174 Montreal Road Interchange Excavation, embankment, and grading, and drainage works continue at the Montreal Road eastbound Highway 174 off-ramp and on-ramps. Crews will continue constructing retaining walls, at the north-east and south-east ramp quadrants. Girder erections are progressing for the new Highway 174 Eastbound and Westbound overpass bridges. Preparations for precast panel installation work have begun, which will occur during overnight hours. Lane reductions will be required, alternating between the north and south sides of Montreal Road. Pictured Above: Girder erections for the new Highway 174 Eastbound overpass bridge above Montreal Road. Utility Relocation - Champlain Avenue at Highway 174 Construction on the new Highway 174 westbound on-ramp at Champlain Street is nearing completion. It is being realigned in order to move traffic further away from utility relocation work to get underway soon. Pictured Above: New Highway 174 westbound on-ramp at Champlain Street. Trenchless Culvert Work along Highway 174 Crews and equipment will be stripping soil, building access pads, and installing silt fencing, followed by localized pit excavation and culvert installation using a jack and bore method. This sequence will occur at each trench location. This trenchless method of construction reduces the amount of excavation required for underground work. This will be done in various locations between Rockcliffe Parkway and Champlain Street along the north and south sides of the highway. Nightwork is required to avoid impacting traffic flow on Highway 174. As some work will also occur in the centre median, lane reductions are required intermittently through summer and fall. Trim Park and Ride The final configuration of the Trim LRT Station and Park and Ride requires utility relocations in the existing parking lot, and two new lots to be constructed to the east and south of the existing lot. The total number of parking spaces will remain the same. Ductbank and catch basin installations are nearing completion.
  15. MEMO: O-TRAIN STAGE 1 AND STAGE 2 QUARTERLY MEMO TO COUNCIL (Q2 2020) https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/memo-o-train-stage-1-and-stage-2-quarterly-memo-to-council-q2-2020
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