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  1. Release by the City of Ottawa today:
  2. Exactly. It was narrow, then they built the new bridges spaced out further. Once the station opens, it is hard to imagine them building yet again new bridges to take the now current ones down after only a few years.
  3. Hello everyone, I have made a request to the Stage 2 LRT team to get some additional information on a variety of areas. You can find my questions listed below. I will present the answers once they have been received. I am also hoping to receive current renders of the stations, to update the appropriate station pages on the site. Some of the imagery dates back to 2019, which no doubt have changed as the project has progressed. ----Questions---- Answers will be shared and I also plan to do a video on the topic to go over the different points.
  4. I am eager to see how different fare types will be handled or if it will be just a single trip (with transfer) for adult fare that is sold when tapping a card. Short of adding buttons to the gates, I don't see how it could be anything else but a single adult trip (with transfer).
  5. I agree. The updates are more sporadic than Stage 1's weekly postings. I think I am also having issues getting their emails. I haven't gotten a monthly update in several months and I now have 3 separate email accounts signed up. I do get the construction notices usually though. Project Newsletters Stay informed of progress by subscribing to Stage 2 LRT project newsletter (link is external). View newsletter archive (link is external).
  6. Indeed. However it says that transfers should be possible later on depending on the trial. I would expect it to be necessary to implement. Otherwise you have a gap in offer with the fares. Users of the new paytype are at a disadvantage over everyone else.
  7. Shane

    Eastbound Arrival

    Which station is this?
  8. I definitely remember the old one behind Place d'Orleans from when I was young. Effective layout but at the same time, a bit out of the way compared to the current station adjacent to the highway. It makes sense now why it was moved but still interesting to think about and remember. I've parked in that area many times in the past and I guess over time I forgot the buses used to stop there.
  9. Very interesting proposal. The Cumberland Transitway has long been discussed so it would be good to see that get built and put into use in the future to provide better connections for those living around Innes. What kind of residential development would it be? It seems to be a mix of new homes, plus low and medium density units. 4000-5200 residential units is quite a lot for an area that size. Will be interesting to see how it ultimately gets broken up. Lots of activity South of Innes these days, moving more and more to the west.
  10. I do remember taking the bus to Kanata back in early 2001-2002 approximately and it stopping and circling through here.
  11. The concept drawings of the interior are stunning. Lots of wood accents and sweeping lines. It has a similar look to La Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal. I love it and am eager to see the shovels hit the ground to get things started. This will be such a great addition to the city. I do hope though as the LRT station is not adjacent to the library, that they have adequate access easily to and from the station in the plans. At the very least, there are public entrance doors on the side closest to the Pimisi Station. Do we know a timeline at this point on when things will start?
  12. Shane

    Canada Line

    Very interesting information. It's unfortunate the stations were mostly built for just two car trains. Although adding more trains and thereby decreasing the time between each would still have a noticeable increase in capacity, nearly double.
  13. I am not opposed to the Chateau Laurier expansion however the decision to make the new addition distinct and of a different style does disappoint. Obviously they own the building, and so they can approach it as they see fit. Luckily the design has evolved over time to something more manageable and tasteful. The most important views of the hotel to me are from the War Memorial and the sightlines across Wellington and Rideau Streets. While equally important, the view from Gatineau, the Alexandra Bridge, and Major Hill's Park are those that will be affected most by this addition. The de
  14. Committee deems redesign compatible with Château Laurier The City’s Planning Committee today approved a new heritage application and a revised Site Plan Control application needed for a proposed addition to the Château Laurier hotel. As the hotel is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, the proposed addition cannot compromise its heritage value in terms of landmark character and architectural style. Developed in consultation with Heritage Ottawa, the latest design proposes one 10-storey and one 11-storey tower, extending the wings of the existing hotel toward
  15. Update about an hour later... The leak is minor and is being caused by a water supply pipe in the tunnel just west of Rideau Station.
  16. Would make for a very interesting trip, passing through many areas and using several lines to connect. Always great to see such trips being possible entirely by rail.
  17. It has been a while since we have posted anything related to interruptions or service impacts. Today at 3:07pm, OC Transpo reported a water leak in the tunnel west of Rideau Station (so between Parliament and Rideau, but likely closer to Rideau). Trains continue to operate but will travel slower when entering and leaving Rideau Station.
  18. Rail613 on Twitter shared some impressive and historic photos of the Alexandra Bridge, prior to 1965 when trains still crossed and streetcar tracks were still embedded on the side. https://churcher.crcml.org/candate/street.htm Approach to Nepean Point, straight ahead, before 1966 when the CPR used the Alexandra Bridge, left, to get to Hull and West from Union Station. At one time there were even commuter service trains to Wakefield and to Montebello.
  19. Enjoy this all-day, all-weather, all-season livestream of Ottawa's O-Train Line 1 (Confederation Line). Utilizing the Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV, it is the busiest LRT line in North America carrying up to 180,000 weekday riders. Opened in September 2019, the 12.5km line replaced the busiest rapid bus transit in North America, reducing GES and road traffic while improving capacity and frequency for its users. You can view trains traveling to and from Blair Station, the eastern terminus of O-Train Line 1 (Confederation Line), located less than 200m east of this camera's position
  20. I believe you are referring to the Elevator. They said it would be replaced and they are advancing the steps required to do so but last update we received, no timeline given or speculated on unfortunately. We had gone early 2020 to Blair by train. The elevator worked when we arrived to reach the Gloucester Centre, and on departure it was out. They were using a ParaTranspo bus to shuttle people to the station. We had our baby in the stroller so we weren't willing to risk climbing the stairs like that.
  21. I have been advised by the OC Transpo twitter account that GeoOttawa is in the process of being updated and corrected. This would explain some discrepancies we are noticing.
  22. I have been advised by the OC Transpo twitter account that GeoOttawa is in the process of being updated and corrected. This would explain some discrepancies we are noticing.
  23. It was mentioned on the discord chat but some are suspecting it is an error. Then again, the 2nd new platform at Bayview is being tagged as for emergency use only and not really seen as an active platform. So a crossover isn't really needed for Bayview but yes it would limit the use of the second platform at Corso Italia. It has to be a mistake. Why build Corso Italia with two platforms if only one sees regular usage. Plus they no doubt need the passing track of the station to maintain frequency...
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