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  1. ianm


    taken today at Uplands.
  2. ianm


    After seeing this, I had to look for myself. My son and I drove under it tonight.
  3. ianm


    Taken at Atwater a few years ago.
  4. Maybe it's the higher number of stops. If you check the OC Transpo website schedule, it'll take 2 minutes between every station, except between Rideau and UOttawa, where it'll take 3 minutes.
  5. The Gatineau West LRT plan is to use the Prince of Wales Bridge to get to Bayview. I'm not sure there is a population base any time in the next 50 years for commuter rail on the Gatineau side. Gatineau is a small city, with a working BRT and a planned LRT (more like a Tramway). The other communities outside Gatineau, for example Chelsea, have a bus system of their own called Des Collines. Their buses are tiny and usually run with very few passengers.
  6. Gatineau is a small city of less than 300,000 people. It didn't make sense to have LRT so 5 years ago, we built the Rapibus. Since 2015, our Liberal MP Greg Fergus has been promoting LRT for Western Gatineau. With the routes that it will take, it appears that it will be a tramway running down the middle of main streets, and not an LRT like the completely grade separated one in Ottawa.
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