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    It’s Leitrim!
  2. O-Train Line 1 Service alert for Wednesday morning. Using Albert/Slater Transitway, not Queen St. Apparently only 10 double trains operational and overcrowded Tuesday evening peak.. Routes: 1 O-Train Date effective: January 20, 2020 In anticipation of a continuing shortage of trains on O-Train Line 1 during peak periods tomorrow, OC Transpo will be operating supplementary bus service to provide some additional capacity at the busiest times. In the morning, from 7:30 until 9:00 a.m., special buses will leave from Hurdman Station and
  3. Jim Watson We’ve had conflicting reports regarding the future of the PoW. Is there still a possibility that the Trillium Line might one day cross over to Gatineau using the PoW? could we change to: In the past you have indicated Trillium Line extension north across Prince of Wales Bridge would be coming. Could it still be included in Stage 3? If the Federal Government came through with 75% or 100% funding would it proceed quickly? Such a connection is important to people from the South and East so they can get to Terraces de la area (there is a siding across the street)
  4. Are you sure about propane at all Trillium Line switch heaters? This one at Carleton seems to have natural gas pipes out of the ground. Can’t say I’ve noticed propane tanks along the line. The signal box is at top right.
  5. The reality is that “Capital Railway” is the City of Ottawa. It owns it 100%. Curiously it means the City actually owns a little piece of property in Gatineau at the north end of the Prince of Wales Bridge. It was acquired from CP when the city bought the Prescott sub right of way land and tracks from Kemptville to, and including the bridge.
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