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  1. So I've been noticing that some notice / progress events are hidden in the news feed on the Stage 2 website and are not always brought forward. Not sure if its something that can be discussed with the Stage 2 team to see if there is a better solution possible, but I have not been that impressed by the newsletters so far? EDIT: I might simply be having issue with my subscription to the newsletter, but I wish we got more regular updates similar to what was done for Stage 1. Or even some sort of "progress" chart / timeline. Also higher resolution photos. But thats just me being picky.
  2. Anyone had the chance to try it out so far? I'll mostly be waiting for the full implementation unless I only need a one-way trip as the lack of transfer can be annoying for a lot of users.
  3. Well gotta say this is really refreshing to see. First time I hear about the initiative but the rational seems to make a lot of sense.
  4. The latest proposal is the least terrible of the bunch. I still don’t think it should be built, but it’s their right to do so if they want to. I get that building extensions the way it was done in the past is not much an option nowadays, but at the same time the chateau-esque features should remain the key visual point and such a square box is… uninspiring. I do agree the views from the South / West side are more important than the North ones, but I think we are just shooting for “okay” more than “excellent” with the whole thing.
  5. Looking at current ridership (pre-Covid), any reason to expect it to 2x in usage over medium term? Something tells me platform lengthening is far from a priority, unless funding was available.
  6. I do think the new renderings look better overall, and really happy with the upgrades. Indoor green walls are amazing tranquility havens, wish it was a more common feature within developments.
  7. I’d be curious to know where, but my guess is they’ve all been overtook by LRT now, or by the time phase 2 is done…
  8. TRAMWAY AND SUBURBS: LABEAUME JUDGES THAT LEGAULT’S DEMANDS ARE “UNCLEAR” https://thetimeshub.in/tramway-and-suburbs-labeaume-judges-that-legaults-demands-are-unclear/4125/ Obviously, the tram file is not really advancing at the rate hoped for by the mayor, who is still so jealous of the metropolis. Last week, he was publicly sorry that the capital was being treated as “a village” in terms of public transport. Again this morning, he said to have “escaped part of his coffee” while reading in Press an article on a possible 3e phase of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM).
  9. I am more than pleased to "sponsor" this first livestream camera on the O-Train! Not only a first for RailFans, but also for Ottawa! For those curious about the setup and wondering if you can do the same from your place! Camera positioning: inside, behind a window (you can probably observe the slight color shift due to glass reflection. Inside a "black bag" to remove undesired reflections. Camera: Reolink RLC-520 or you can use any RTSP enabled camera. I am recording at 1440p. Software: OBS running on a older windows PC. Encoder settings are as follow: 6000kbps, Quic
  10. Yep, that's exactly what I meant, and yet managed to mess up! I recall seeing those notices once in a while for the elevator being replaced by ParaTranspo. It's really a bad system. I get they want the station to all be within the fare paid area, but the design could be better for this.
  11. I totally agree with you on all points, especially about how ineffective the strategy of cutting routes is not helping. Ridership will come if using public transit is convenient, which seems to be this city is more than willing not to do in favour of cars / taxes. Ottawa has one of the most expensive transit fare in Canada, and IMO among the worst levels of service in a major city. Interlining and frequency on most local routes is terrible, and needs to be drawn back from the ground up. You start from scratch. The TMP is being updated, we'll have a pretty good sense of origin desti
  12. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Wellington being pedestrianized and on-street tramway, as long as it is properly integrated with the Confederation line. Even if it means digging an underground tunnel to access Lyon or something like that. If the long-term goal is really to loop back to Gatineau, the tunnel is just a barrier to actually doing anything. Of course, elected officials in Ottawa are gonna do anything they can to keep Wellington open to cars, even though it makes no sense as all this traffic can be easily diverted south towards the former transit
  13. In regards to Blair's old escalator, is there any concrete timeline for it to be replaced? If I recall funding was already approved, but not sure if anything beyond that was said.
  14. Tramway de Québec: Régis Labeaume revient à la charge https://www.journaldequebec.com/2021/01/26/tramway-de-quebec-regis-labeaume-revient-a-la-charge For those not fluent in french, Mayor of Quebec City is arguing that the provincial government is blocking actual progress for "political reasons" and needs to happen. No concrete development beyond that talks are "supposedly" still occurring between the city and the Ministry of Transports.
  15. This thread is to discuss the rolling stock to be used on the future Quebec City tramway network. As of November 2020, no specific equipment has been decided upon by the City of Quebec, though they have offered a "vision" of what they expect the stock to look like. The city refers to them as A, B and C (from left to right). Two concepts for the interior as been proposed: The characteristics desired by the city are the following: 100% Electric Propulsion Designed for a 3.3 person per square meter, with a capacity of 260 passengers. Built-in HVAC
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