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  1. It might seem pointless, but I am actually looking forward to seeing some single unit operation on the line during lower needs periods. Also, noticed that 1125 also got the new mid-sections! Trying to get a picture next time I eee it.
  2. I am really looking forward to it opening, and think it's appropriate to have such a building in Ottawa. I find it inspiring and inviting to reflexion and curiosity. The current central library and archives are both due for a refresh and more capacity. It will be a "jewel" for both OPL and LAC. Diamond Schmitt really can (and has) done some stunning work and I believe the OPL-LAC project is one that is fit for the city.
  3. Would be a messy setup I think since they would need to reconfigure everything *again* but probably the most logical explanation... They should just get the pedestrian overpass extended and make it accessible even when the trains are not running IMO.
  4. Wait I am confused: where is the second entrance?
  5. The whole station and overpass is paid by the city only, no private partners. I think the only station that gets participation from someone else than the city is the airport (EY did not help fund Upland Station), There is definitely potential for densification at Queensview, depends how willing the developers are and how the city is willing to accept proposals.
  6. Regarding the design of Presto, the “actual” current design is the “black card” version: It is a replacement for the green card that was discontinued, at least until supplies ended. You should be able to get those from any transit authority which uses Presto. Regarding the “Ready for Rail” variant, it was always pitched as a limited time variant for the pre-launch / launch period of Line 1. I haven’t seen any official communication saying it would be the only design offered in Ottawa, but it could have been implicitly depending on stock levels. I would assume all machines / kio
  7. My guess too. Nothing really to be seen around Blair, so I presume it is further down towards St-Laurent... As of 15:44, it's not switch related.
  8. Service alert for O-Train Line 1 Not sure what is meant by "proactive track maintenance" at 3PM on a friday...
  9. Yeah that's probably as much as can be accessed now. I'm not sure why the city / TNext / EWC dont maintain a shared or seperate website for the Stage 2 project, but I think it would be a lot more engaging than the standard (and mostly terrible) layout used on the city's website. Also speaking of the newsletter, I recall a lot of us had issues after signing up and never receiving emails. Something checking the old newsletter makes me realize that "for some reason" I didnt receive some communications even as a I am subscribed to all lists on the website...
  10. I might need a memory refresh here: I recall there was during Stage 1 construction a dedicated website maintained by RTG, where the weekly updates (as "useful" as they were) were provided to detail work, and had all the construction documents. Anyone recalls around when it was launched during Stage 1? Reason I am asking is that I am really disappointed by the online presence for Stage 2. Obviously Shane and everyone have been doing amazing work with the snapshots, but I wish we had a lot more from the city given what we saw during Stage 1. Even when it comes to FEDCO updates we get really
  11. Behind the profit, and politics, driving Montreal's new light rail project | CBC News I will keeping tooting my own horn on this one, but the whole REM project is a masterpiece of funding model for transit infrastructure. While it might not exactly be popular with everyone, I have no doubt the REM will considerably improve connectivity in Montreal and the suburbs. Really looking forward to riding it!
  12. Wonder if the zoning would allow for high-density like we see at Blair with Frontier/Lattitude and the other proposals. If so it could be a really nice use of space and make the whole thing more justifiable.
  13. The connectivity study seems to be more useful in understanding the layout. So essentially a new ROW would be built next to Leon for a drop-off point. I still think it might be a bit overkill but if we look at it as building a bridge, then adding a LRT station, it's not too crazy assuming connectivity on either side is optimized for pedestrians. Thanks @J.OT13 for looking into it further!
  14. I might just be disconnected from how people travel at YOW, but I find the airport terminal to already be quite walkable and moving the station to the parking lot would have made the "in and out" for transit users less enjoyable than a terminal to station connection. Most people who will use the rail link will not need the parking, so I guess keeping those additional spots might have been better value in terms of construction costs + functionality. Now, the picture might be different once the Alt Hotel opens, but even then, we are not even talking about a 5-10 min walk to reach the s
  15. Parking structure would be a really smart idea. How about we take the Bank Street Parking lot and just move it over there? Not like anyone uses it! Seriously, I'd like to see something along the lines of what GO does in Toronto with Bramaela Station: a nice parking structure, really close to the station entrance and integrated. Of course the middle of the road placement of the station makes it a bit more painful but I'd rather see them build it as "one item" versus two seperate things...
  16. It's a modern take on what an entrance pavilion should be! Good on Translink to actually invest in improving the stations.
  17. Thats probably one of the biggest costs from building the east extension in the middle of the highway, makes the walkability quite low through the entire alignment. I personally don't think using any distance based measurement really tells the whole story versus a 5 / 10 / 15 min walk: elevation, proper sidewalks, etc. This map really gives a good idea of how far I would actually myself be willing to walk to a station, within a few exceptions where the time estimate is really on the slow side. I think it also helps explain why the city does not use this measure versus their 5km dista
  18. I guess this is a possible explanation. I would assume the loading dock can work with such limited space, but my understanding might be wrong. Eitherway if the city decides to apply eminent domain they probably can get the additional space to "make it work". Looking at this, the side platforms doesnt seem to make much sense but I assume for track geometry it could be easier than island platforms in this configuration. Curious to hear more from the city / OC regarding this specific station has there seems to be a lot of things that are not too clear, at least on the public side.
  19. This is really lovely if you ask me. Plenty of natural light, opportunities for landscaping and makes it a park at the same time. I am not personally familiar with the station itself, but it seems to be a really nice upgrade and a design that could be replicated elsewhere without too much difficulty.
  20. This render might have created even more questions for me than answers: The elevator is clearly outside of the fare-paid zone, but the platform is at a lower level: are we gonna have two sets of elevators, one to reach the concourse, pass the fare gate, then go down another set of elevator to reach the platform? Same goes for those nto taking the elevator: from this side at least, one would have to go up, then go down... Original renders showed Queensview as a island platform, however this one seems to indicate side platforms (same on the Railfans map). So we would actually b
  21. Today, we are celebrating the 3 months anniversary of the O-Train Cam! Thanks to everyone who has been watching it or supported us in its testing and since its launch! Glad to see regular viewership and conversations arising from what is seen on the rails! If you've followed the livestream since we launched, you might have noticed a few changes! We have been working hard to improve upon the livestream and bring more information to the viewers regarding the O-Train network. Here is a change log of things that were done (in no specific order): Addition of a PIP feed zoomed o
  22. They have been testing on some of the western-most part of the alignment. Not sure if it has progressed further though! Metrolinx posted this video in November 2020! As you can see, we are not talking full speed testing there. Eglinton Crosstown Vehicle Testing - EMSF to Keelesdale Station - YouTube
  23. As far as I am aware, Ottawa is the only one in the world fully grade separated. There are various networks that have them run on grade-separated for certain segments, but no-where near the scale of Ottawa with Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  24. So I've been noticing that some notice / progress events are hidden in the news feed on the Stage 2 website and are not always brought forward. Not sure if its something that can be discussed with the Stage 2 team to see if there is a better solution possible, but I have not been that impressed by the newsletters so far? EDIT: I might simply be having issue with my subscription to the newsletter, but I wish we got more regular updates similar to what was done for Stage 1. Or even some sort of "progress" chart / timeline. Also higher resolution photos. But thats just me being picky.
  25. Anyone had the chance to try it out so far? I'll mostly be waiting for the full implementation unless I only need a one-way trip as the lack of transfer can be annoying for a lot of users.
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