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  1. Here's an idea of the work being done along the 174 after Blair Station. You can clearly see the work being done on both side the highway.
  2. Phil


    Here is another look, this time driving West from Jeanne-D'Arc and entering the Montreal Road exit. At the stop light, you can observe the work being done to widen that side of the highway.
  3. Thank you for that. I was also wondering if there could be a difference, at the rush hour, in the dwelling times Eastbound and Westbound, but i don't see how the fleet could go at a different pace in each direction.
  4. Why are the EB (Eastbound?) times and WB (Westbound?) times so different, with the exception of Tunney-Lincoln F?
  5. I am from Quebec City originally. Transit in that city is extremely slow despite all the efforts to create way back in the 1970's what was called the PVA (Parcours à vitesse accélérée) To go faster, the buses of that services skipped some of the stops along the route. The Metrobus came later. But in my times, it took me one hour and a half to go from my parents' home in Charlesbourg to the CEGEP de Sainte-Foy. This city is unique and can't be compared to any other I know in North America. There is absolutely no room left at ground level and they want to add a Tramway. After living a Quarter Century there, I would oppose the current project because it is only going to make things even worse than they already are. A separated grade LRT with tunnel sections would have been far better. Yes, I know, more expensive. But when something is built for future generations, it is a long term investment. Here is where the project is, as of July 14, 2020: https://www.reseaustructurant.info/actualites/2020-07-14-candidature-construction-tramway.aspx
  6. Phil


    I am still on the case of answering this question. I happened to have to go out today, so I decided to try to film a segment between Blair and Montreal. Look to the right and you'll see the preparation work to establish the new Eastbound lanes. I am only going at 90 km/h... it seems way faster when I look at it. Is it the wide angle of the action camera that give this impression? I filmed with a Ricoh WG-M2.
  7. Yes, thank you. And I see the same three guide ways configuration. I can now also see where the split happens and I can understand the perspective of the rendering. Very helpful! Yes. Thanks again...
  8. Is there two platforms side by side at Lincoln Fields? The station just before the split going West on Line 1. I took a look at the renderings. Can someone explain how it will work? Look at the Blueprint showing 3 guideways : Westbound to Moodie, South-Westbound to Baseline from DT (Downtown?) and Eastboud to DT. Westbound to Moodie seems to have its own platform while the other one seems to be serving South-Westbound to Baselin and Eastbound towards Downtown. The rendering of the split is also a puzzle to me as I cannot figure where Lincoln Fields Station is. And lastly, isn't there a VIA Rail stop nearby?
  9. Well, I remembered, but I wasn't sure it was the same ramp that I used a couple of times over the last seven years. The illustration was not clear and I really thought there were stairs, so it didn't match the ramp I had used.
  10. Thanks for that... but even more exciting is the new fleet :
  11. Phil


    I went back today to see these new elements. It is short, but it gives a good idea of how it is taking shape. I
  12. Like for an elevator, one usually waits for the car going in the direction they want. But yes, in hotels sometimes some people choose to go from the lobby to the garage before going up to their floor... The two-station option is valid because it would allow Gatineau people to disembark where it is most convenient downtown (Lyon or Parliament). But if there's only a transfer at Lyon, it would be OK. The idea is to connect to the O TRain. Lyon and Parliament are the stations that are the closest to each other on the Confederation Line if I am not mistaken. This means it would not be an extraordinary expense to have two underground stations for STO transfers since the length of the tunnel between the two is not extravagant. For the same reason, one could argue that there's no need for two stops for STO streetcars because of the short walking distance. The whole thing ties up to what was previously mentioned in a post on this forum (I don't remember which thread): an underground network of corridors and passageways that would allow for the people working or shopping downtown to go from building to building without having to face the cold winter... like in Toronto and Montréal. I really hope that the vision will also include an accessible and open downtown core.
  13. True. Mayor Watson said that Bayview could not handle the traffic from the North, South, East and West. If I am not mistaken, there is a plan to extend the Trilium line further south, which would bring more transit riders to Bayview, with most of those riders likely to head East towards downtown and north to Gatineau. I found the image I uploaded by accident, but it dates back to 2008. At the time, the plan was to use Bayview as a hub where trains can take people in the four directions. For that plan to work, Bayview arguably would have had to be build as big as Berri-UQAM in Montréal (three lines, four directions) because at rush hour it would otherwise overflow. Note that it would require a transfer to continue North, or South, depending which direction you came from. Now for the Tram from Gatineau, do we rally need to transfer points (Lyon and Parliament) rather than just one at either of the two, preferably Lyon, the closest to Gatineau and stiil a much better scenario for transfer to the O Train than having the Streetcars on Wellington.
  14. Wow! I just saw your post from 6 months ago... Is the work finished? Do I see steps in the spiral around the elevator? I am looking forward to seeing the final result...
  15. Hi fellow O Train fans. Apparently a study showed that a tramway (streetcar) is needed to link Gatineau and Ottawa. To me, it has been a need for decades already. However, I sincerely believe that this "G Train" has to go underground when it reaches Ottawa. I don't live in Gatineau, but I would also support a downtown Gatineau underground station that would serve the huge Federal Government complex across the river. We took the pain to drill a tunnel to eliminate as many transit vehicles as we could from our downtown core. To me, the three underground downtown stations are an asset that Ottawa will never regret building. When you are there, you feel like you are in a modern city. And it would be a shame to create new congestion with a tramway on Wellington. In the winter, some people would have to walk from or to Queen Street to get on the O Train. It is already admitted that an underground connection to the O Train (at Lyon?) would be the best case scenario. There could still be a few number of buses that could cross between the cities. We see how doing thing the cheapest way can come back to bite hard. Even if it is more expensive, we owe this much to future generations. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=87&L=en&tx_ttnews[backPid]=2&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=23983&cHash=
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