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  1. Do you know if the single car train that has been on the tracks for at least the last couple of days is a new train being tested or is it in service? Watching the live feed on YouTube at night I can't see the numbers on the train roof, but I have to assume it is just being tested as it left the station about 30 seconds after a 2 car train departed.
  2. Yeah the city's estimate for Barrhaven does seem to be ludicrously high for sure, even with part of it elevated. And why is the cost of road bridges over the VIA tracks being included in LRT costs in the first place, I would think that would be a separate project. I know that Barrhaven is a growing area of the city but there are certainly other parts of the city with much higher density that should get LRT before Barrhaven (Bank, Carling, Rideau/Montreal Rd are examples already mentioned in other sections of these forums). Building all of these LRT lines out to remote suburbs just encourages
  3. Well that can't go on indefinitely, RTM will eventually go bankrupt if they never get paid. The system has been so unreliable over the last few days that OCTranspo might as well have RTM shut down the confederation line and go back to the pre Oct. 6, 2019 bus schedule until the train is able to function properly. From what I understand at one point early this morning there were only 8 trains running and they manged to get it up to 9 of them, that is ridiculous, even with 13 trains the system is bursting at the seams during peak, there really needs to be 15 trains during peak. If the sys
  4. At what point can the city fire RTG/RTM for incompetence and take over operations themselves or hire a company that is able to run the system properly? It is scary to think this company has a 30 year contract to run this system.
  5. I found Dollarama one of the easiest ones, it is literally a handful of steps from the doors into one of the stations. What I am going to find a challenge is visting all of the stations on line 2, with the trains being 10-15 minutes apart it is going to take a while, assuming that just stepping off the train and then back on doesn't count as "visiting" the station.
  6. Another opinion piece in the same vain in the Citizen yesterday: https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/adam-never-say-never-to-a-rail-link-along-the-prince-of-wales-bridge I have to agree with much of what is being said in both of these articles, throwing away the prince of wales bridge as an option for future rail link doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. The wide open space and high ceiling at the platform level is what makes Rideau my favorite of the downtown stations.
  8. There is also a small city parking lot at 234 Slater downtown that is free on the weekends, which is only a couple of blocks from Parliament station, fairly close to Lyon station as well.
  9. I often see people park in the Tunney's pasture government employee lots or on the street on the weekends. I don't know how much enforcement there is though on weekends for ticketing people who don't pay for parking, but there are machines where you can purchase parking passes if you are worried about getting a ticket. On opening weekend I parked at Remic Rapids and walked from there but you have indicated you don't want to have to walk a long distance so that likely isn't an option for you.
  10. Speaking of vandalism, I walked by Lees Station on Sunday afternoon and saw one of the Glass panes beside the MUP had been destroyed. I don't know this was vandalism but wouldn't surprise me if it was.
  11. I have watched some of the videos and it is painfully slow in spots. The schedule is 45 minutes end to end on 19km of track so it certainly isn't fast. I wouldn't want to use it to commute to work that is for sure but to just go a short distance on the line it might still be handy.
  12. While I am sure you are right about the overall capacity and space being enough to accommodate expected crowds during normal operations what about when there are events going on and a station is likely to see very large numbers of people in a short span of time when an event ends? There are three stations quite close for Canada Day celebrations on Parliament hill so maybe it won't be an issue. Pimisi might be more problematic for Bluesfest, though being an island platform it can handle quite large crowds I would think. I can however see there might be a need to have staff stationed in the con
  13. So I see the date is being missed again, but no new date has been set and the city is not applying the $1 million fine this time. This is getting to be a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Maybe the city should start giving some consideration to finding another company to take over and get this mess fixed, I know that would cause delays too but honestly I have no confidence that RTG is ever going to get to end of job on this.
  14. You mention how quiet the trains are in particular at Cyrville. Did you make it to Tremblay as well? Last time I was there the trains were very noisy going over the curves in the track to the east of Tremblay station, though on the straight sections I agree they are very quiet.
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