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  1. There shouldn't be a need for such extensive testing before adding an addition to the system - only for testing on the addition, plus some overnight testing of run-throughs. Adding to a system, using the same technology, doesn't pose nearly the same integration problems as launching a new system.
  2. Average speed. The average speed of cars on city streets is less than 20 km/h in rush hour, and even less downtown, so the LRT will be noticeably quicker. "But, I drive at 50 km/h" you say. Yes, you do, when you're not: - stopped at a red light or stop sign - slowing for a stop - accelerating away from a stop - turning a corner from one street to another. Even on trips in the city that include the Queensway, it is rare to see average speeds much over 50 km/h, unless your trip starts and ends right at a Queensway on-ramp or off-ramp. Our car's dash includes an av
  3. About shutdowns - it seems highly unlikely that the line will be entirely shutdown; instead, like the TTC or Montreal Metro, the affected station or part of line is shut, and the rest of system runs, with bus shuttles replacing only the shutdown portion. Still messy, but doable, as Toronto demonstrates regularly.
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