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  1. To be fair, I did specifically mention on a fair number of my posts (except for a few times, oops, my mistake!) that the info I was posting came from the CPTDB and not from me. If Shane deems that it's not okay to be posting info from the CPTDB on here even with credit due to the Ottawa section being private, then I'm more than happy to respect that. I've also stopped doing it as soon as it went private because I did not want to get in trouble for it.
  2. That's because they were rebuilt before a Council meeting that finalized the transition to the maple leaf livery, which would have been in 1999. Considering this, they must have been rebuilt in 1998 or early 1999 at latest.
  3. All three batches are the same afaik (the second and third batches both have added vents at the back but that's it). The only difference in this batch from the other LFSs is a three point seat belt for the driver's seat in response to a law that came into effect recently requiring those seat belts for buses.
  4. I'm confused by what you're asking, could you please elaborate? I'm assuming it's for the retirements? If so, it was posted on the CPTDB last night.
  5. Unfortunately, all remaining 77 or so hybrids have now been pulled off the road. I will miss them! The Orion era at OC Transpo has officially ended. These buses had some high and low points which I will discuss below. Firstly, these buses were pleasant to ride. Seats were comfortable, rear doors opened quickly, relatively spacious, and good air conditioning. They sounded great on takeoff and I liked the design (I like the original generation Orion VIIs better), even if it did seem a bit "cheap" to me. I'd say that these looked better than the Inveros. Despite all this, I would perso
  6. Some bad news. ALL remaining hybrids as of August 1 are now parked and won't see service again. This comes from user Enviro_1203 on the CPTDB forum. It is my understanding that they will be transferred to St. Laurent from Merivale and Pinecrest garages for retirement. This marks the end of the Orion era, folks. I'll really miss these buses. Had they been diesel, they would have lasted longer. I recall seeing my very first one in early 2009 and being intrigued as to what that bus was because it was brand new at the time.
  7. Not my observations (this comes from CPTDB): The new double deckers now come with six American Seating BC-55 seats in the priority seating area instead of the older American Seating Vision seats. However, the rest of the seats remain unchanged as far as I know. A minor change, but these new buses have defroster vents for all windows, both top and bottom deck, likely in response to an issue with condensation with 8001-8075 back when they were new. And finally, the new buses come with a second NSAS screen installed on the bottom deck past the staircase.
  8. I suspect that the rebuilt Inveros (which 4202 is not by the way) will last a few more years, possibly at least three (so 2023 or around that range). As for unrebuilt Inveros, I think they'll continue to retire small batches at a time when new buses come in (they haven't been doing much of that since March). I suspect that the entirety of those will be pulled off by late 2021. We have 133 left unrebuilt (and 62 rebuilt units), so if we get another batch of LFSs in the future (it hasn't been talked about yet), then most if not all (excluding rebuilds) will likely retire at that point.
  9. I'm surprised it's down to a small handful this quickly. The Orion era is coming to an end. I still maintain that OC probably should have gone with ISL engines and Allison transmissions... I'll miss them. By the way, for anyone looking for an update on the Inveros, there were 13 more of them retired this year, in March specifically. All credit goes to user Enviro_1203 on the CPTDB forum. To recap, here's the number of Inveros retired from each batch (this comes from the CPTDB wiki): 4201-4202: only 4202 is active 4203-4273: 4204-4207, 4209, 4211-4216, 4219, 4220, 4223-4225,
  10. That would have been 7615. I don't know how much this fishbowl list from 2003 will help (credit goes to user MCIBUS on the CPTDB forum), but here it is anyway: According to this list, there were nine 76xx buses out of 53, 25 77xx buses out of 56, 9 17xx buses out of 12 (although they say 10...), 44 out of 58 78xx buses active, 26 79xx buses out of 30, and all the 80xx buses and up. This means that 44 76xx buses, 31 77xx buses, 14 78xx buses, and four 79xx buses were retired before 2003. I've heard that they started retiring buses from the 76xx-79xx batches in 2004 to make room
  11. I found a city of Ottawa document with a transit bus inventory list as of Dec. 31, 2005 if anyone's interested. For Orion Vs, 26 out of 28 1992s remained active (9238 was one of the first retirements as I had suspected, not sure of the other one). There were 18 out of 25 1991 Vs active (four retired being 9134, 9137, 9138, 9144, not sure about the other three) It looks like they rapidly retired the 1991s because according to a post from April 2006 by user JCL on the CPTDB forum, 9126, 9128, 9143 were the only ones active. A few slight inaccuracies are present in the list. For e
  12. Not able to find a photo, but I did find some more details about 4001. It's the only VI that originally didn't have A/C when production when finished (all future ones did). Instead, it was decided that all future 139 buses would have A/C due to a policy change at the time (around late 1998-early 1999) and 4001 was then retrofitted. It was too late to retrofit the Orion Vs by then as they were already finished and it would take major modifications. I don't even think the Sutrak A/C was still available by then, especially for Orion Vs (Our 1992 Vs were the only Orion Vs produced to ever hav
  13. Also forgot to add that 9250 was also active as of May 21, 2006 but I do not have info on when it retired.
  14. There was a report on the old CPTDB of someone seeing an unrepainted Orion V in February 2006 (he didn't give a fleet number though), so we know that at least one survived until then. I'll give you retirement dates for some Orion Vs that I know of. I'm currently trying to track down the retirements in 2005 and early 2006 as I know what retired in May 2006 and on: 15 Orion V buses remaining in total as of May 21, 2006 (9126, 9128, 9233-9236, 9242, 9244, 9245, 9249, 9252, 9255-9258) 9242, 49, 55, 57 retired May 23, 2006 9233, 9234, 9258 were retired between April 2007 and Jun
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