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  1. The double grill at O'Connor and Queen, next to the the Heritage Place entrance is above the existing stairs. It looks very sloppy IMO. Lyon seems to be the only station with straight forward ventilation shafts; one on each end of the station cavern, both the same size. I always imagined large fans at each end to suck smoke out of the station should there be a fire. Not really sure how that would work with the mess of various sized, randomly placed grills at Parliament and Rideau.
  2. Here's the image of the original WEP entrance. Entrances? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/downtown-lrt-stations-to-get-building-entrances-1.3071029
  3. Stage 2 active transportation connectivity for west end stations (Tunney's to Baseline and Moodie). https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-engagement/projects/stage-2-lrt-station-connectivity-enhancement-study
  4. J.OT13

    2039 Rapid Transit

    Just one thing missing from your map as far as I can tell, and that's the Baseline Transitway. https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-engagement/projects/baseline-road-rapid-transit-corridor-bayshore-station-heron-station-planning-and-environmental-assessment-study
  5. Assuming this becomes part of the O-Train network, anybody have an idea for the line's name. I'm thinking: Line: 3 Colour: Blue Name: Portage I'm trying think of a possible indigenous name, but other than Asticou (boiling kettle), I can't think of any other such word or name closely associated with the west end of Gatineau. Remember, we also need to reserve a name for the future RapiBus conversion O-Train line.
  6. J.OT13

    2039 Rapid Transit

    That looks great! I hope the STO tram line(s) will be branded as part of the O-Train system. La ligne 3, couleur bleu, Portage.
  7. Three options on the table: Surface Wellington Street with traffic (maintaining two lanes);Surface Wellington Street without traffic (closed to cars between Bank and Elgin);Tunnel at Sparks with underground links to O-Train stations. Surface options would be battery powered along the Portage Bridge and Wellington so that views of Parliament Hill remain unobstructed. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=838&L=en&source=sto_mobile Anyone of them would be transformational for both Downtown Ottawa and Gatineau. Lots of pros and cons for both, so it's hard to pick, though I would lean towards one of the Wellington options to future-proof the possibility of a loop and offer more capacity (tunnel ends and would always end at Parliament, so it's one directional vs the loop which could bring trains in from both ends). I highly recommend reading the entire page and completing the survey: https://c8.sphinxonline.net/SurveyServer/s/panelsto1/EDO_Ottawa/Questionnaire_EN.htm
  8. Foundations of the St-Andrew Tower could be problematic. The tunnel section near the Supreme Court and Archives would undoubtedly raise security issues (real or perceived). If the tunnel option is chosen, I imagine it will probably end at Lyon, for budgetary and/or technical reasons. In any case, a loop isn't necessary because the STO can purchase trams with double ended cabs, similar to ION in Kitchener-Waterloo (or, Ottawa's Spirit).
  9. The owner of Happy Goat Coffee was on CTV Morning Live. They expect to start construction on the Confederation Line kiosks within the next few days after a long delay due to Covid-19. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1975337&binId=1.1487308&playlistPageNum=1
  10. Tim Tierney posted a 2 minute info video on Montreal Station.
  11. A new version of GeoOttawa has been released, which includes an updated, more detailed, version of the "Rail Implementation Office" layer. https://maps.ottawa.ca/geoOttawaBeta/ Notable changes to the track geometry: Tracks under the Byron Strip come together in the tunnel and spread apart for the centre platform stations, as opposed to previous version where they stayed apart throughout the Byron alignment; The open trench of Cleary and New Orchard stations are much longer (200 meters and 175 meters respectively)*, which increases the impact on the park significantly; New Lincoln Fields configuration, with one side platform and one centre platform; Moodie platforms are offset; Modified configuration of Moodie Yard tracks. *My interpretation based on the graphic. Other notes Significant storage capacity at Baseline (6 to 8 double trains based on track length); Queensview now has side platforms, which is not a change from the previous version, but a change from February 2018 renderings; See O-Train Fans map for previous version. https://www.otrainfans.ca/system-map
  12. They won't be building a bus loop at Bayview. The westbound bus stop will remain at the station plaza on Albert Street. As for the eastbound bus stop, it's currently a two minute walk from the station, at Bayview Road and Albert. It would make a lot of sense to relocate it across the street from the station plaza, but that might depend on the Trinity Centre project. The current plans call for a new pedestrian bridge linking Trillium's west platform with the new Trinity complex, but I'm not sure if this will be built now, or with the Trinity towers. The project updates seem to indicate it will be built as part of Stage 2, but I'm unsure how that's possible without the Trinity project in place. The two Trillium platforms will be linked at the north end, in front of the tracks, preventing an easy extension to Gatineau for the moment. I think I read somewhere that the east platform will seldom be used so that passengers don't always have to go all the way around the station. If ever we do extend to Gatineau, the City will need to build a whole new set of vertical circulation on the east side. It does seem like they left enough space to do that eventually.
  13. Gatineau has submitted its options to cross the Aylmer-Downtown Tramway to Ottawa. Two options are on the table; A surface route along Wellington Street: Avantages Stations au niveau du sol, facilitant ainsi leur accès. Plus facile à mettre en œuvre. Composante potentielle d'une boucle interprovinciale avec le Pont Alexandra. Inconvénients Corridor avec plusieurs utilisations et projets à venir, nécessitant certains compromis: Esplanade nord; Élargissement partiel du trottoir sud; Nouvelle piste cyclable bidirectionnelle; Voies véhiculaires. Enjeux de sécurité liés à la Cité Parlementaire, notamment en matière du positionnement des stations. Aménagements à prévoir pour assurer le service lors de manifestations et évènements sur la rue Wellington. Perturbation du trafic actuel et du service de transport en commun pendant la construction (planification des détours et gestion du trafic nécessaires). Option induisant un volume important de piétons traversant l'axe pour rejoindre les stations. Or a tunnel under Sparks Street: Avantages Peu d'impacts en surface sur l'aménagement et sur la circulation. Correspondances plus directes avec l'O-Train. Environnement protégé contre les intempéries pour les correspondances de passagers. Moins vulnérable aux interruptions de service liées à des facteurs externes tels que des manifestations. Inconvénients Coût probablement plus important que l'option en surface. Construction plus complexe avec délais plus importants et avec risques plus importants. Contraintes souterraines importantes (réseaux, fondations, …). Portail avec impacts importants sur l'espace ouvert à l'ouest de la rue Commissioner. Enjeux de sécurité possibles concernant les institutions fédérales adjacentes. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=837&L=fr&source=sto_mobile&utm_source=site+STO&utm_medium=Image+rotative&utm_campaign=Analyses_insertion_Ottawa
  14. J.OT13

    Stage 3 Kanata

    Do you mean the rendering on page 29 of the document I linked? That's actually Cyrville. No clue why the caption says "March Station Rendering". As far as I know, there are no renderings of Stage 3 stations. Only proposed site plans for the Kanata Stations (on that link I posted May 6) and locations for Barrhaven.
  15. J.OT13

    Station Circulation

    They might need to place electronic boards so that the messaging can change with the service patterns. It will be important to lock the stairs and elevators to the Moodie shuttle platform when not in use. I'm hoping they never decide to use the side platform during regular hours. That would be worst case scenario in terms of passenger circulation. It's important that they make the centre platform wide enough to prevent overcrowding in the first place.
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