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  1. Q4 2020 Quarterly update highlights: The Goldenrod Bridge at Tunney's is set to be completed in Q2 2021, which will enable the removal of the temporary embarkment bridge buses use to access the bus loop from Scott, and thus extend tracks west; Support for excavation at Rochester field and New Orchard started Q4 2020; The new Lincoln Fields station construction is expected to start Q2 2021; New Iris Street bridge set to start Q3 2021, with station Q2 2022; Baseline bus loop complete in Q4 2020, with bus operator building set to be constructed Q2 2021;
  2. Looking at the piers, it looks like they left enough space for additional lanes on the outside, but not the inside. That may rule out expanding the highway inward or shifting the decks inward after the station is complete. I guess we won't get that weather protected tunnel effect.
  3. Good list of questions. Thanks for posting. Very curious to hear the response on Q5. Renderings, even more recent ones, show the three bridges tight together, but in reality, that opening is far wider than needed for the station.
  4. I agree. The reality is, not everyone can benefit from this. It will be status quo with monthly passes, uPass, EquiPass... This option is basically just like the days of paying a cash fare. For anything else, Presto. Or ticket machine (day/week pass, family pass).
  5. The updates and newsletters are a disorganized mess. I registered for the newsletters a few times. For all extensions. French and English. I think I only ever received one French construction update (last week) that entire time. I don't think I ever receive the monthly updates. I maybe receive most of the construction notices, but not all of them.
  6. Ottawa has Membership in COMET (Community of Metros Benchmark Group). So it's official, the O-Train is a Metro! The Montreal Metro, TTC Subway and Vancouver Skytrain are also Members. https://cometandnova.org/#comet-nova-objectives
  7. O-Train – Ward 7 Moodie Station Area and Light Maintenance and Storage Facility (LMSF): LMSF retaining wall and block wall construction is underway. LMSF sanitary and watermain work is underway. Moodie Drive drilled shafts and soldier pile work is underway with abutments to follow. NW temporary ramp construction at Moodie Drive is ongoing. Holly Acres and Highway 417 Interchange Electrical duct bank work is underway. Abutment construction is ongoing. Pier cap installation is ongoing.
  8. Pinecrest ramp reconfiguration: https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/major-projects/stage-2-light-rail-transit-project/project-updates
  9. Regular construction updates on the BayWard Bulletin. Already three in February: https://www.baywardbulletin.ca/lrt-stage-2/ Does the City have a central location where they save the detour announcements we receive by email? Any other Councillor that keeps track on their website?
  10. Nice to finally see some density planned south of Innes. So far, what's been built around the future Cumberland Transitway isn't much denser than what we see north of Innes. This will help the project's business case. In the Planning Committee meeting, there was a lot of discussion on nearby infrastructure, in particular the Renaud mess, where drivers coming from Anderson have to make two 90 degree turns before going through a residential neighbourhood and reaching Navan Road. The City and residents want Brian Coburn extended to the north part of Renaud, but the NCC, owner of the farm fi
  11. CDP for Brian Coburn near Mer Bleue, Frank Bender and Jeanne d'Arc, along the future Cumberland Transitway.
  12. I wish the zoning did not allow for such a tall building. It should have been capped at 4 floors. Alas, we can't go back in time. A modern version of the original hotel, that maintains turrets, dormers and a mansard roof but with more glass would have been great. I think Diamond and Schmitt could have pulled it off based on the NAC expansion. Or whoever did 1451 Wellington. Too bad Larco was dead-set on keeping the condo king architect.
  13. Focusing on design changes, they squared-off the 80s mall/airport looking skylights. I wonder how that might impact the look from the inside. The copper on the roof is gone, replaced with grass and gravel. The roof seems less wavy. I don't think these changes will make much difference for those looking at the building from street level. The wood columns are now concrete, which provides a better contrast with the wooden wall at the ground floor. More windows at ground level as well.
  14. Additional funding has been earmarked for the new Central Library in order to make it a net-zero facility. The new funding will allow for: upgrades to the building’s envelope and insulation; triple-glazed windows; solar panels on the rooftop and embedded in the facade; additional sustainable materials; and an indoor green wall. Here's a new rendering: https://www.canada.ca/en/library-archives/news/2021/02/ottawa-public-librarylibrary-and-archives-canada-joint-facility-a-landmark-cultural-infrastructure-project-pointing-the-way-to-a-greener-
  15. Some SkyTrain trivia. When the original 21 kms opened in 1985, only 1.4 kilometers was underground through the Dunsmuir tunnel, which represented 7% of the system. By 2016 with the opening of the Evergreen Line, 13kms were underground, including 2 kms of the Evergreen, 9 kms on Canada and 1 km in New Westminster, for a total of 16%. (Note, that doesn't seem to include the 600 meters between Portal Park and Waterfront which use to be outside but are now under roads and buildings). The 6 kms Millenium extension will bring the proportion up to 22% however, the Surrey-Langley extension will
  16. J.OT13

    Canada Line

    An interesting graphic on the Canada Line capacity today and into the future from a DailyHive article: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-2017-kevin-desmond-canada-line-built-skytrain
  17. Place de Ville underground concourse renos. Finally! Looking from the Marriott entrance towards the Podium elevators. But quite disappointed. Very white and sterile. Hopefully it's improved with furniture, retailers, people. Murals would be great. No accessibility improvements so far.
  18. Thanks for the info. Any timeline on the St-Laurent re-build? It seems 2024 would be a good target date logistically. Most of the east-end transfers will have been moved to Orleans which clears Blair to take on the former St-Laurent transfers while it gets re-built. In addition, construction could coincide with the new pedestrian bridge to the Federal complex proposed on the south side of the Queensway on Tremblay. That said, another three years of leakage could cause further serious damage to the tunnel structure. At the Blair side, I'm looking forward to seeing more detailed plans for
  19. Platform is straight. The track seems to curve ever so slightly north of the platform it seems.
  20. Thanks Derek! I hope they didn't cheap out with the Corso Italia plaza. It's what made it look more urban and complete. I can see that curve at Walkley now. Very subtle. For South Keys, I understood later on. I thought everyone was refer to the crossover between Trillium and the Transitway, which was always there.
  21. The photo gallery for O-Train Fans seems to now only be accessible through the forum. Is that right? If that's the case, could be returned to O-Train Fans?
  22. I'll make some general comments on the newly released station layouts on GeoOttawa. Bayview: I'm even more confused with the east platform. Based on the end of the tracks, it looks like a ditch or a slope, so how will people get around? I realize that platform will seldom be used, but I hope they have a plan for a proper connection to the Confederation Line platform and its own set of fare gates in the future. Corso Italia: pretty much what I expected, so no comments. I wish the platform was under Gladstone with entrances on both sides. Dow's Lake: the platform will remain re
  23. Found this page on the Carleton University website. Official Ottawa transit maps dating all the way back to 1929. https://library.carleton.ca/find/gis/geospatial-data/oc-transpo-transit-routes
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