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  1. As far as I can tell, that is now the official design for Ottawa Presto cards. All ticket machines should be distributing those. For the community pass, I have no info to offer. Not sure if the St-Laurent station or Place d'Orleans station service desks are open.
  2. I agree that the extension from Burrard could be quite complicated. I much prefer extending from Waterfront, which is much cheaper, and easier, but also serves an area that needs the investment. Presumably, if purple is chosen, yellow could come at a later date. I feel like both would need to be built at the same time to better distribute the loads. Everything invested into the Stanley Park portion of the blue option would be wasted. The advantage is serving Capilano Mall and the west side of Van North, but that can also be done by extending yellow or purple in the future. The othe
  3. Can't believe how much of a steal REM was cost wise. The City had a graph in the February 2019 presentation that showed comparative cost per km. Stage 1 and 2 for Ottawa were middle of the pack, while REM was dirt cheap and Crosstown was ridiculously expensive.
  4. I seem to recall they launched the Confederation Line website very early. I'd say spring or summer 2013. I wish there was a website for the newsletters or updates we receive by email (if subscribed, maybe) every few days/weeks/months. In general, I think we get more updates from EWC part of the project than TNext. I agree that REM, Metrolinx, TransLink and ETS are far better at providing updates to the public. We're failing hard at following best practices on that front.
  5. It does seem like the map only considers sidewalks and not off road pedestrian paths or pedestrian bridges, which explains Algonquin and a few others having so little access. The argument for using the highway median instead of building on one side or the other would be to have the station equa-distance between the north and south. There's also a financial advantage by not having to under the road embankments on each side (as they rise over the highway) as will be the case with Pinecrest, for example. But yeah, unpleasant experience for sure.
  6. J.OT13


    I understand why the Bank garage was built (replace some Lansdowne parking), but I guess they never anticipated that people don't like to, you know, walk. I like the Bramalea Station concept. Plug the garage to the station using the ped bridge. Honestly, all park and rides should be structures to reduce the amount of surface parking and maximize TOD at each station.
  7. J.OT13


    I hope this parking structure could come with redevelopment of part of the Trim lot. I was hoping they would sell the entire parking lot to a developer with a condition that they would build a park-and-ride as part of the project.
  8. J.OT13


    Thought I had a while ago. I wish they would have maintained the station in the parking garage as per the original plans. That way, they could have looped the rail line around the entire Airport Authority lands to hit-up the parking lots and hotels.
  9. J.OT13


    Transportation Committee today, the City will ask the Province to build a parking structure at Trim Station to encourage commuters east of the city (Rockland, Clarence...) to park-and-ride instead of using the city's 174. The argument is that the Province I guess "owes" the City for downloading the 174 20-odd years ago.
  10. Here's a website showing the walkability of each O-Train Station. It includes a generally more realistic view of that 15-minute walking distance (with a few odd ones like Algonquin, which is very much under-counted). We can see the relatively significant density along the Bayshore-Lees and Bayview-Carleton, while the rest serves few people within that 15 minute walk (with a few exceptions). https://onedu.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=faae1c57849a40e6859d5ddce5e3eda0
  11. And the connectivity enhancement study. For reference, uOttawa Station is 22.3 meters at its widest while the patch of grass where Queensview will be built is 27.5 meters. Neither the renderings or the connectivity study show a path going around the station on the north side, which explains the entrances on both sides. I think the City can build the station without expropriation. Some expropriation might be needed for the path between Leon's and ProSlide. Faregates at platform level seems to make the most sense in order to allow free-flowing (or as much as that's possible with the ups an
  12. For reference, the Feb 2019 rendering:
  13. I love that station. Best of both worlds with a grand entrance at street level and multiple underground connections to adjacent buildings within the light-filled concourse level.
  14. I agree. Lots of unanswered questionswith this one. With a centre, it was easier to wrap my head around the circulation and fare-paid zone. If the fare gates are at platform level, similar to St. Laurent, then that could work relatively well. Still a lot of up and down if someone wants to use the stairs.
  15. Translink is exploring ways to expand the SkyTrain network to North Vancouver. Several options are on the table, including but not limited to; splitting the Expo Line at Burrard and loop around Stanley Park, extending the Expo Line east from Waterfront and crossing using a new or existing bridge, extending Canada Line north (which could include a rebuild of the downtown portion) or an entirely new Line that would link-up to Brentwood and Metrotown. More on DailyHive: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/north-shore-rapid-transit-study-skytrain
  16. Of all the urban rail systems in Canada, possibly North America, Vancouver has the absolute best record when it comes to improving existing stations. A new entrance at Granville in 2006, the complete rebuild of Main Street–Science World, Joyce-Collingwood and others over the last decade, a third platform at Commercial-Broadway in 2019 to improve connectivity between Expo and Millennium and introduce a semi-Spanish solution, new escalators on Canada Line stations... The investments keep coming. Here's another upcoming project at Burrard Station, which includes rebuilding the station entra
  17. That new Queensview rendering. Massive station for what will likely be in the bottom 10 ridership wise.
  18. I feel like we're far behind because the Province isn't giving us our proportional share. They keep blaming the Feds, but they've been doing well over the last month.
  19. Never been. I just tried now, and I'm not allowed to view content. That says everything I need to know!
  20. Quality has really improved. Great move to add the stock Rail Fans video in response to losing the music to licensing issues. Thanks to everyone who contribute to this feature.
  21. We should thank O'Brien for starting Lansdowne and the Confed Line projects however, Watson brought the City back to earth by scaling the projects down to something more realistic, if maybe a little too modest. Had we released the RFP based on the O'Brien rail project, with super deep stations, bids would have come back at $3.5 B+, possibly killing the project. That would have been the fault of terrible estimates presented by City staff, but O'Brien would have been blamed and the City would have returned to its small town mentality. Stage 2 is also a huge accomplishment, with Ottawa essen
  22. I don't have much confidence in the City doing a better job of overseeing the work for Stage 2, especially not after the mess of a process to choose the Trillium bid. I do have more faith in EWC for the Confed extension.
  23. For Ottawa, it was the politicians who made the decision to go low floor lrt. They've been obsessed with lrt since they implemented the original O-train, which ironically is/was not actually lrt despite everyone calling it as such. That and the original n/s plan. It's like they were stuck in their small town box refusing to think light-metro rolling stock might have been a better choice. For sure the City should have had better oversight with Stage 1 from the get-go and not pushed so hard to get it done asap. I feel like the City charging RTG for bus detours beyond the original May 2018
  24. On Sunday March 21st 2021, Jim Watson will officially be Ottawa's longest serving Mayor. https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/egan-the-longest-worship-watson-to-set-mayoral-record-this-week/wcm/f452791e-0acd-4b5f-8530-9f081838c18b
  25. O-Train West Extension: Construction Activities and Community Impacts Ward 15 – Tunney’s Pasture to Sherbourne Stations 90-Day Lookahead - March to June 2021 The O-Train West Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project. The extension will add over 15 km of new rail and 11 new stations between Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie Drive and to Algonquin Station. The O-Train West Extension will eliminate approximately 450,000 annual bus trips from the Sir John A. MacDonald (SJAM) Parkway. It also comprises a maintenance and sto
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