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  1. Seems that the city is pondering the acquisition of CN trackage in Ottawa: https://capitalcurrent.ca/city-of-ottawa-exploring-purchase-of-two-abandoned-south-end-railway-lines/
  2. Past bus stop signage from the Ottawa Transportation Commission through to the OC Transpo era. An interesting find I found at the Halton County Radial Railway Museum in Milton, Ontario, when I visited this past Summer was that they had one OTC sign identical to the one in the upper left hand side of the previous picture.
  3. Yeah, a few people I know have gone down to the old tracks to try and clear out some of the overgrowth on the tracks near Wakefield. Some of the residents beside the abandoned line seem supportive of what they're doing as well. Regarding the cars, I know for certain one was saved to become a diner. It was the only car body that was not cut into sections when I came both times. It's supposedly being moved to Chez Césare in Cantley, Quebec (a small fries stand by a gas station). When I find some spare time, I'll try to get down there and snap some pics if it's there. Anyways, here's a pictu
  4. The worst part of it was the scrapping of the 1940s Swedish rolling stock. Me and a few buddies of mine witnessed first hand what they were doing to the cars in May 2019. This picture below was from my last visit of photographing/salvaging what was left of them. Regarding the tracks, in early July, the same group of friends went down the trail based on a clue that Chelsea didn't rip up all the tracks they had. What we stumbled upon was where the worse of the washouts occurred. only a 1m width is left of what was the HCW mainline here - to the left, a 3 storey drop to the creek below.
  5. Route 95 after Barrhaven Centre, on its way to Cambrian on October 5th, 2019. The driver paused a bit after he dropped us off to catch a few pics of D60LF #6389 bearing a number which is history now. Another picture of a 95 from the same location (while waiting for a return trip that was late), this time with D60LFR #6428 at the helm.
  6. No problem! There is a much bigger lot at South Keys as well; through the Trillium (2) Line at Greenboro Station, you can reach Bayview and transfer directly to the LRT. It would come down to your convenience since you're coming from Chelsea, as this park and ride is situated in Old Ottawa South.
  7. There is a small park and ride lot across on the other side of the highway by Blair Station. It's an option if you want to be on the safe side. You can use the pedestrian overpass to directly connect with the LRT. It's fairly small, but it doesn't seem to get used quite often; this was it on September 14th (1st day of revenue service):
  8. A picture I found a while back of Lees Station being built in 1984. Note the small temporary bus shelters where the Fishbowl is picking up passengers.
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