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  1. Thank you for that interesting piece of information J.OT13. Permanantly ... are you sure? Wow, I hope the media doesn't find out about this; we'd better keep this quiet or they will have a field day with it lol ? . #1 The problem Do you have any more information about the coupling/decoupling issues? At this point, I would normally start to rant about these being the most delicate and fragile trains every assembled, but I don't feel any need to do that right now. However, it does not inspire confidence if the simple act of coupling or decoupling causes such horrendous proble
  2. The building at Carling and Preston is the Claridge Icon, currently Ottawa's tallest building: http://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=199138&page=89 That's page 89, lots of info, photos, construction history, etc.
  3. Thanks, Nik. That's another possibility. I found a good conversation on Reddit about parking around Blair and I guess I had written this lot off because of distance and it fills up before 7 on weekdays. But I'm going on a Saturday so hopefully it would look more like your image above. I wonder if those other closer lots are available on weekends, but I don't want to find out the hard way. Thanks for the images.
  4. Thanks, Jim. Tunney's could be the answer. My dear wife has agreed to come along, so I'm trying to keep it simple and straightforward. Bonus: If the weather forecast is accurate, it's going to be raining tomorrow. If I parked at Remic, the conversation would go something like this: Me: There's nowhere to park anywhere around the station so we're parking here. It's a bit of a walk but that'll be good for us. You could use ... I mean WE could use a bit of exercise, it's good for you. Her: None for you tonight.
  5. So I'm planning a trip into town to try out the new LRT. Hopefully, it still has that 'new train' smell. I'm coming from Chelsea QC by car. My original plan was to drive to Blair station and go the full route to Tunney's and back. However, a little research indicates that I'm going to have a difficult time finding a place to park around Blair station. Gloucester Centre has a nice big parking lot right there but they rightfully want to reserve that space for mall customers. I imagine a lot of train users go there, but I don't want to risk being the one guy that gets towed away. My dear wif
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