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    • This is very interesting. These are details I did not know about Rideau. While it may seem excessive to have two entrances from a shopping centre, there is presidence for this in Toronto at the Eaton Centre. It does in fact have two entrances, not quite at the extremeties but the mall is fairly long and it does help give better access. Rideau is more compact but it would allow better access to the mall and an easier flow through, despite having two entrances link to the same station. At least the elevator entrance provides a second option, one that many many people seem to prefer. I look forward to more discussion on these future potential connections, and those that never happened! Quite fascinating.
    • The same applies at Rideau, though I imagine the unable to be viewed MOU already incorporates language for a second entrance to the RIdeau Center nearabouts the Simons/corner of Rideau & Nicholas. Going westbound from uOttawa in the tunnel, from the front of the train it's possible to see the lighted windows of the easternmost portion of the Rideau station mezzanine. I've measured the distances and the current easternmost wall of the mezzanine at the bottom of the William St. entrance (where the ticket machines are located along the north-south wall) is a false wall (a staff member asked me what I was looking at. I mentioned my interest and she confirmed there was a large space behind this wall. Perhaps it's not yet economically viable to connect this entrance through the knock-out wall that one hears exists but, in any case, it's unfortunate the public can't know what's happening with its publicly-financed system financed with 2.1 billion tri-level government monies and debentures and another 885 million organized through the Bank of Nova Scotia that RTG borrowed to put towards the project and which will be paid back with handsome interest over the life of the RTM agreement. It would, for example and just saying, be a good idea if there was a new easternmost entrance on the south side of Rideau at the corner of Nicholas. But who knows when/if that will ever happen even though much of the infrastructure would appear to already be in place
    • Alexander Glista made the acquisition of a retired TTC CLRV Streetcar. You can follow Alexander on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AlexanderGlista Here is a great interview and video by CityNews. https://toronto.citynews.ca/video/2020/08/04/new-home-for-old-ttc-streetcar/ SUPER COOL! Congrats Alex.  
    • New renderings for Place d'Orléans. July 3: August 5:
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