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I might need a memory refresh here: I recall there was during Stage 1 construction a dedicated website maintained by RTG, where the weekly updates (as "useful" as they were) were provided to detail work, and had all the construction documents. Anyone recalls around when it was launched during Stage 1?

Reason I am asking is that I am really disappointed by the online presence for Stage 2. Obviously Shane and everyone have been doing amazing work with the snapshots, but I wish we had a lot more from the city given what we saw during Stage 1. Even when it comes to FEDCO updates we get really thin information, either regarding new renders, changes to plans and other things.

I wish the city / EWC / TNext were a lot more outgoing in providing us with updates or changes to the design as community feedback can always be useful, but also leads to more engagement and attachment to the project.

In comparison, the Montreal REM has a website, YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook where they have been posting regular updates since the beginning. Similar thing for Crossrail in London. How difficult would it be to have a social media intern managing a more prominent / detailed presence online?

To rant a bit more, I am led to believe the city is a lot less willing to give us "detailed" information on the stations, their layout and other things compared to Stage 1. Maybe it's because they are still finalizing details, or that my memory is failing me, but I definitely feel like we are "starving" for information.

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I seem to recall they launched the Confederation Line website very early. I'd say spring or summer 2013. I wish there was a website for the newsletters or updates we receive by email (if subscribed, maybe) every few days/weeks/months. In general, I think we get more updates from EWC part of the project than TNext. 

I agree that REM, Metrolinx, TransLink and ETS are far better at providing updates to the public. We're failing hard at following best practices on that front.

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If I remember correctly, they had said at the time Stage 2 was starting that they would be providing even better updates than what was done in Stage 1. I find the updates went from weekly to monthly if even that. Although what they would report in the weekly updates was sometimes 2-3 weeks late.

If you go on your newsletter for Stage 2, there is a link at the top to see the archives, but it only shows the last dozen or so that were sent, anything older is not retained it would seem.

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Yeah that's probably as much as can be accessed now. I'm not sure why the city / TNext  / EWC dont maintain a shared or seperate website for the Stage 2 project, but I think it would be a lot more engaging than the standard (and mostly terrible) layout used on the city's website.

Also speaking of the newsletter, I recall a lot of us had issues after signing up and never receiving emails. Something checking the old newsletter makes me realize that "for some reason" I didnt receive some communications even as a I am subscribed to all lists on the website...

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Seems to suggest based on the wording that there is a track issue they want to address "pro-actively" before it worsens or becomes a bigger issue? But yes bad timing.

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26 minutes ago, Shane said:

Seems to suggest based on the wording that there is a track issue they want to address "pro-actively" before it worsens or becomes a bigger issue?

My guess too. Nothing really to be seen around Blair, so I presume it is further down towards St-Laurent... As of 15:44, it's not switch related.


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4 hours ago, DavidBellerive said:

It might seem pointless, but I am actually looking forward to seeing some single unit operation on the line during lower needs periods.


Do you know if the single car train that has been on the tracks for at least the last couple of days is a new train being tested or is it in service? Watching the live feed on YouTube at night I can't see the numbers on the train roof, but I have to assume it is just being tested as it left the station about 30 seconds after a 2 car train departed.

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6 hours ago, J.OT13 said:

Unless they can one day figure out the coupling/de-coupling. we won't see in service singles.

I don't recall where the conversation or point was mentionned, but essentially it would need to be done by Alstom staff in the depot, so it would probably take too much time for the actual benefit provided. The process is a mostly manual operation (removing bumper, extending coupling arm and "backing" into the other) and couldn't be done on the spot while in service unless the trains were considerably modified.

Like you say we'll probably not see single train operation unless a lot of things change. Though I could see a benefit to running weekend / late evening trains as singles to reduce operation costs.

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