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Behind the profit, and politics, driving Montreal's new light rail project | CBC News

I will keeping tooting my own horn on this one, but the whole REM project is a masterpiece of funding model for transit infrastructure. While it might not exactly be popular with everyone, I have no doubt the REM will considerably improve connectivity in Montreal and the suburbs. Really looking forward to riding it!

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Can't believe how much of a steal REM was cost wise. The City had a graph in the February 2019 presentation that showed comparative cost per km. Stage 1 and 2 for Ottawa were middle of the pack, while REM was dirt cheap and Crosstown was ridiculously expensive. 

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Regardless of how REM is being done and financed, it is a big benefit and will definitely create much improvement in public transit in Montreal and the region. For that, I am happy and welcome its arrival. The cost to the city and other levels seems reasonable for what is being offered and done. I too am very much looking forward to it. Eager to ride through La Gare Centrale in a year and a half. Equally eager to see how the entrance will be done visually in the Gare Centrale from the main grand hall. Hopefully they keep the current look as much as possible (with elevators added on) and not something that feels out of place with the existing train stairs and escalators.

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