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New Civic Hospital

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The New Civic

The Civic development project is now in the second of five required stages of the planning process required by the Ontario Ministry of Health. At this stage we are pleased to share with the public the proposed design of the new cutting-edge campus that will be situated near Dow’s Lake at the foot of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

New Civic Development – View of Main Entrance and Research Tower from Carling


Site proposal highlights

Accessing the site

The main entrance will be accessed directly off Carling Avenue, up the escarpment to arrive at a circular drive drop-off at the front door. Directly below the front door, under a covered green roof, will be the Emergency Department entrance, one floor beneath grade, for patient drop-off and triage. Covered and protected temporary parking will be available for Emergency patients and visitors.

Ambulance traffic will use separate, dedicated access routes the lead directly to the protected Emergency garage.

The Dow’s Lake light rail transit station will be connected to the site by a covered, accessible walkway. This walkway will also connect the research tower, medical office buildings, and the green-roofed parking garage on the lower portion of the site, so that people can move safely and comfortably through the site.

View from Dow's Lake

Inside the new hospital

The main entranceway will feature a central light well with double-storied glass, letting in an abundance of natural light. Intuitive wayfinding will help people move through the entrance to their destination within the hospital. Frequently used services such as pharmacy, medical imaging, patient registration, ambulatory care specimen collection centre, and other programs will be housed near the entrance.

The seven-floor north tower and eleven-floor south tower will bracket the atrium and will house outpatient care clinics and inpatient units. The helipad will sit on top of the south tower with dedicated trauma elevators that reach all floors, particularly the Emergency Department, surgical suites, diagnostic and interventional imaging, and critical care.

The lower floor will include the loading docks, materials management, segregated soiled and clean distribution areas, food services, environmental services – all components that will serve each of the different departments.

Main Entrance

Robotic technology will support transportation workers and other staff. Goods and services will come across the basement floor and be transported up high-speed traction elevators with the least amount of disruption or crossover with the public.

Elevator lobbies will serve the public and the staff in a way that allows for maximum flexibility for the floor plates in the future. Front-of-house traffic will be segregated for the public, whereas back of house traffic will be reserved for staff, services, and patient transfers. As health-care services change in the future, the building can readily adapt to new demands. 

View from Main Entrance towards Carling

More info on the official website: https://newcivicdevelopment.ca/the-new-campus/

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