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Stage 2 - Trillium Line - Construction Updates

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Stage 2: Extending the O-Train South, East, and West

O-Train South Extension - Construction Update for July

July 31, 2020

In the south, there is ongoing work at the Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) and on multiple rail bridges including Airport Parkway, Uplands Road, Lester Road, Leitrim Road, Bowesville Road, Earl Armstrong Road, and Limebank Road.


Existing Trillium Line

Gladstone Station
▪ Rock excavation through the use of hoe ramming and controlled blasting is underway to widen the rail corridor at Gladstone Avenue.

Pictured Above: Gladstone Station rock removal following controlled detonation.

Carleton Station Multi-Use Pathways (MUPs)
▪ The northside MUPs to the underpass have been closed to accommodate construction. A temporary MUP detour has been constructed to maintain pedestrian and cyclist connectivity away from active construction.
▪ The southside MUP will also be closed to accommodate construction, and a detour will be in place to maintain pedestrian and cyclist connectivity. 

Dows Lake Tunnel
▪ Removal of rail inside the Dows Lake Tunnel is complete, crews are currently removing expansion joint covers.

Ellwood Diamond
▪ Caisson drilling work for the new rail bridge between Mooney’s Bay Station and Walkley Station continues.

Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF)
▪ Crews continue to work on the MSF Main Building foundations including concrete work for the light and heavy maintenance pits, elevator pits, grade beams and underfloor services.
▪ Civil works for the underground utilities including storm drainage and sanitary system are continuing.

Trillium Line South Extension

South Keys Station
▪ A section of the Sawmill Creek multi-use pathway (MUP) closed early in July for 3 weeks to accommodate foundation work for the future South Keys Station. Activities include site preparation, fence installation, excavation, and foundation construction. A detour is in place to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Pictured Above: A multi-use pathway detour is in place to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists in the area of the future South Keys Station.

Airport Parkway Rail Bridge
▪ Crews are finishing bridge embankment works.
▪ Bridge deck panel installation is underway.

Airport Elevated Guideway
▪ 14 of 17 caissons have been poured.
▪ 9 of 17 columns have been poured.
▪ 3 of 12 pier caps have been completed.
▪ Caisson, column, and pier cap work continues.

Uplands Drive Rail Bridge
▪ Crews are finishing bridge embankment works.
▪ Bridge deck panel installations are complete, and preparations to start deck formwork are underway. 

Lester Road Rail Bridge
▪ Pier cap construction and installation of rail girders are complete.
▪ Preparations to begin bridge deck rebar and formwork are underway.

Leitrim Road Rail Bridge
▪ 2 of 4 caissons are complete. The 2 remaining north caissons are pending watermain reconfiguration.
▪ Construction of the south abutment cap is underway.
▪ Retaining wall construction continues.

Bowesville Road Rail Bridge
▪ Bridge deck panel installation is getting underway

Bowesville Station
▪ Ground improvement work continues between Earl Armstrong Road and Bowesville Road in preparation for station construction.

Earl Armstrong Rail Bridge
▪ Work on the north columns and pier caps continue.
▪ 2 south columns have been cast.
▪ Construction of the south abutment cap is underway.

Pictured Above: 2 south columns cast for Earl Armstrong Rail Bridge.

Limebank Elevated Guideway
▪ 6 of 10 caissons are complete.
▪ 4 of 10 columns are complete.
▪ Ground improvement work for the Limebank Road embankment continues.

Guideway between Leitrim Road and Earl Armstrong Road
▪ Ground improvement work is underway at the Earl Armstrong Road embankments.

Guideway between Hunt Club Road and Leitrim Road
▪ Embankment work is ongoing.
▪ Culvert installation work has begun.

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