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1997-1998 : Orion V

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Ah, the good old 1998 Orion V. Since there are two separate Orion V models that were in use by OC Transpo, I have decided to split them up. Here I will be talking about the 1998s.

The Detroit Diesel S50 engine and Allison B400R was a great combo. Sounded great and had fast acceleration even compared to the VI, although slightly slower. One benefit of these buses is that they rarely caught fire compared to the artics and Orion VIs despite using the same powertrain.

Seats were passable and were not as great as the earlier 1991-1992 Orion Vs. However, I found no issue with them so they are fine. 

These buses were the last to use the KFC livery which would then be abandoned in favour of the Maple Leaf livery of the VIs and later. Two of these buses (9849 and 9850) did get up getting the maple leaf livery in 2003 due to issues when taking the full ad wraps off the buses, but the rest kept the same old KFC livery. Towards the end of their time (2010-2011), some started getting a combination KFC and maple leaf livery after rebuild that looked horrible.

There's no air conditioning which is the only downside. This would have made the bus model much better.

Known issues: These buses had corrosion issues which is part of the reason why they got pulled off so early, along with not being accessible. They held up better than the 1991-1992s due to lower use but still corroded a bit.  

Shane, please feel free to include any video or audio clips you have. ?

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