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6351-6403 D60LF rebuilds

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OC Transpo has been slowly refurbishing their older D60LFs since December 2017 with 6366 and 6381 being the first two.

To date, only three have been completed, and two more are currently in the process of rebuild.

6365, 6366, 6381 have all completed rebuild at the moment. 

6385 is still undergoing rebuild and has been out of service since December 2018.

6374 entered rebuild in May 2019.

EDIT: Might as well post this here for now. Although not a D60LF, 6642 has also been refurbished for some reason.

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1 hour ago, Shane said:

Thanks for the info. Has there been any changes or upgrades done on the rebuilt buses? Or was this series mostly just restored?

Mostly just structural repairs, refurbishment of seats, new paint, etc.

I think the main two ways to identify a rebuilt D60LF would be shiny paint and dark blue seats (the fabric is brand new). That's pretty much it.

These buses won't be getting LED lighting, passenger alarms, new American Seating Vision seats*, etc. They will stay completely stock.

The only upgrade done to the D60LFs since 2008-2009 is the replacement of the Balios signs originally on the D60LFs with the Luminator Horizon signs, same as used on Inveroes and D60LFRs. 6358 was actually the first bus done and this project was done between April-June 2016.

*There was actually a rumour on CPTDB back in 2012 that OC Transpo were going to upgrade the seats in 6351-6403 to those of the new D60LFRs. Someone on that board had said that they looked through a internal document from OC and it stated that the seat project was one of the things they were going to do at the time or sometime in the future. If true, I imagine that OC Transpo probably scrapped the project because of it being a waste of money when the original seats were perfectly fine.


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On 2019-08-18 at 2:41 PM, Shane said:

Thanks for the info. Has there been any changes or upgrades done on the rebuilt buses? Or was this series mostly just restored?

I was wrong.

There is actually a minor change. I just noticed it when riding 6381 today. The large yellow treadle strips on the bottom of each rear door have been removed. Other than that, no real changes. All D60LFs that have been rebuilt have them removed.

I don't know why they're doing it, but the treadles have apparently been non-functional for a long time. Same goes for D60LFRs.

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Not a rebuild in progress, but I was able to confirm that 6642 has also had its yellow door treadle strips removed after rebuild. I assume that if they rebuild any D60LFRs going forward, that they will also have the treadle strip removed.

6668 is also like this despite not being rebuilt yet.

However, 6405 still has the yellow treadle strips on the floor even after it got reassembled. I suspect it may be at least partially refurbished because of how shiny it is.

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