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Hello there everyone, I am late to the party here in Ottawa but thought I would have some fun with being a train aficionado (nerd...) and the checklist.   I am relatively new here and live also i

Oh, like work, family..real important... hahahahaha... [having train withdrawal...]

The Second Edition - Oct 2019 checklist is now available. You can find it at the following link. Have fun and enjoy. https://www.otrainfans.ca/news/o-train-fans-rider-s-checklist-second-edit

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1 hour ago, Shane said:

How has everyone faired with the checklists so far? Any objectives or destinations eluding you?


Haven't really had the chance to ride the O-Train recently, but I accomplished some of the objectives and have a plan for a few others. The 3 that are still eluding me are the Ottawa Skyline track dividers, Mucho Burrito and the 1 minute 10 seconds escalator. (I have a suspicion about which one that is, but it's just a guess that will have to be tested.) Could I have a hint about those? (no spoilers though! ?)

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For the Skyline track dividers, a hint would be that it is at a station with a view of the downtown skyline. 
Mucho would be at the end of a line. 
1 minute and 10 seconds... must be going down deep...

Hope this helps. 

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As December is always a busy month for everyone, myself included, there will be no Checklist posted.

In addition, the checklists change to a quarterly release, with the next releasing in January.

The video walk-through for November's checklist should come out in a week or two.

Thank you.

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