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GO Transit service increase on Lakeshore East and West

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Hey Reece, what was the service frequency before? When does this come into effect? Any more details?

I found some news articles on the announcement.



Seems like the frequency has been doubled from what I understand. That's good news for GO Transit riders.

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I believe a couple years ago they put in place 30 minute or less frequencies along about Lakeshore lines, so now they are about cutting that in half. Really handy for everyone who lives along the lines, and the capacity must be enormous considering all the trains are 10-12 double decker cars long. I believe it come into effect very soon, like in the coming weeks or something.


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Comes into effect tomorrow actually, though Lakeshore West currently has some construction that may limit frequency for a while.

Service every 15 minutes will be from the beginning of the morning peak to the end of the afternoon peak and will be the first for a main GO line. This was one big part of the RER promises at least for the Lakeshore East Line. Some things we still look forward to are electrification (big big big deal) and more improved stations with eventual level platforms.

Indeed this is a lot of capacity (though some trains can be as short as 8 cars and even shorter on other lines)

Heres a video overview of the routing 


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