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Partial Derailment and SUV incursion into Streetcar tunnel in Toronto

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Interesting day in Toronto.

Two big incidents occurred today in their city. The first, an SUV/car that passed through the gates and lights at the Streetcar tunnel entrance, and made it all the way to the Union Station streetcar loop before getting stuck. I don't understand how everytime this happens, the person driving the car decides to go as far as possible until they get stuck. WHY??? Union Station is quite a distance into the tunnel.

Then a Subway on Line 2 had a partial derailment, halting service between Jane and Ossington, which caused massive backups and overflowing surface transit, that was not able to keep up. According to news on Toronto.ca ( It occurred near Keele yard in the city’s west end. One of the middle cars of a train partially derailed. The train was not in service at the time. )

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