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Line Operation Guidelines - Waiting for a station to clear


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I have been wondering for a while now. I know in Montreal's Metro, they have a protocol or guideline that forces trains to wait to depart a station until the next station is clear (no train) to receive them. This is to avoid a train having to stop in a tunnel between stations because the station has a broken down train or whatnot.

While their system is entirely underground, is there going to be a similar protocol on the Confederation Line. If there isn't there could be some occasions where people holding the doors, for example, could result in a train stopping mid-distance to wait for the station to clear.

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With modern automatic train control, trains stopping between stations should be kept to a minimum.  If a train hasn't cleared the station, the following train can adjust speed to give it extra time, right down to a crawl if need be. Headways is the more important number to keep aware of. The system will be doing what it can to make sure trains arrive at each station at the correct headways. 

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