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Lincoln Fields

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36 minutes ago, Loud-Invero said:

Probably on the lower level similar to Hurdman or Blair. I hope they open something like a Quickie/Circle K as opposed to a H.G.C. I could use a cheap hot chocolate instead of paying $3.00 for a small H.C and maybe access to better selection of goods. Gateway/Quickie missed out on an opportunity, but given how they were treated with the 09' Baseline demolition, 2015 Hurdman Closure, and the closing of the Bayshore location in 2017 (I miss that store so much) and then the PDO and Lincoln Closure in 2019, it's no surprise they never bid for a spot on the LRT. Hell, I'm not surprised even Tim Hortons franchisees don't want to bid on a spot.

I didn't realize the Bayshore Quickie closed. It is regrettable that we lost nearly all of our transit retail in only a few years. Was there/is there any other Transitway retail outside of Hurdman, Baseline, LF and Bayshore? EDIT: And Terry Fox. I assume that one is still open. 

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Lincoln Fields' bus loop entrance reconfiguration

Here it is on a map. You might be thinking of Fallowfield.

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7 minutes ago, Shane said:

I agree. While we see a lot of photos of the overhead walkway concourse, there has been mention of a passage underneath the tracks from time to time. I too would expect things to be found down there where there would be more room..

Do we know if LF will have a walkway under the tracks? That would make a whole lot of sense at such a busy station. It would also be a good spot to take cover during the late evening 15 minute service while waiting between trains. 

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On 2021-03-10 at 10:21 AM, J.OT13 said:

EDIT: And Terry Fox. I assume that one is still open. 

Although they had a retail spot constructed, they never did they actually had any retailer be established given the close proximity to Kanata Centrum. Though around that time OC posted tenders for retail spots on the LRT, they also posted spots on the BRT including, Terry Fox. I'll see if I can find that later...Before the Tunney's Pasture arson of 2003, Tunney's Pasture had a Quickie/Gateway, but as mentioned, it was burnt down and never reopened. 

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Lincoln Fields mystery question for you all: Does anyone know why GeoOttawa have the following layout for the transitway roads at lincoln fields? Is this some kind of ancient Lincoln Fields rejected station layout? Or is this the updated Stage 2 bus loop layout?image.png.88f077048d217d226f6d70be31b46234.png

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Someone on SSP pointed out that the ped bridge shown on the most recent site plan likely only goes over the relocated and uncovered Pinecrest Creek. That would suggest that SJAM will remain in situ.


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