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Memo / Incident - Stage 2 Construction Site Ottawa Airport

Just before 10:30 am this morning there was an incident at one of the Stage 2 South Extension construction sites near the Ottawa International Airport. 
Preliminary information indicates that the workers were hurt while working on a rebar cage. Five workers were injured. One person was treated on site and four have been taken to hospital. 
Ottawa Police, the contractor, TransitNext and Ministry of Labour are at the site of the incident and all activities has been stopped while an investigation into this incident occurs.  
TransitNext will respond to any media inquiries regarding the incident. 
Thank you,
John Manconi
General Manager, Transportation Services Department


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Thought I had a while ago. I wish they would have maintained the station in the parking garage as per the original plans. That way, they could have looped the rail line around the entire Airport Authority lands to hit-up the parking lots and hotels. 

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That would have been an interesting approach. Not sure why they didn't. The parkade and existing walkway to the terminal would be sufficient and adequate to reach the terminal. Would have created a more streamlined look, like the UP express at Pearson, while having it extend to the hotels nearby would have been like the Link Train that serves the two terminals and Viscount parking. Although at that point such an extension is more to the airports benefit and the nearby hotels than anything else.

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I might just be disconnected from how people travel at YOW, but I find the airport terminal to already be quite walkable and moving the station to the parking lot would have made the "in and out" for transit users less enjoyable than a terminal to station connection.

Most people who will use the rail link will not need the parking, so I guess keeping those additional spots might have been better value in terms of construction costs + functionality.

Now, the picture might be different once the Alt Hotel opens, but even then, we are not even talking about a 5-10 min walk to reach the station, and that's assuming the hotel is built in the next few years...

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To me, being attached or located adjacent to the parkade would have reduced the burden financially on the Airport Authority as the structure is already there, as are the walkways. It would also permit further expansion of the line should that ever be deemed useful or warranted.

The current solution is very good and I have no complaints.

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