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Confederation Line - Train Tests Spotting

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59 minutes ago, DavidBellerive said:

On a more related note, seeing more and more vehicles opening doors at stations, which is probably part of the tests for the new parts?

I think they've been doing this ever since it was first revealed that doors were a major problem, at least from what I've been seeing.

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Went back today to spot some more. Very interesting day today.  #1116, #1132, #1122, #1133, #1121, #1124, #1118, #1131, #1117, #1107, #1115 were rolling.  As for the tests it appears, they w

Went for a spot yesterday (April 1st) and last Thrusday (March 28th). Yesterday they were only testing double trains at a rate of one train every 7 to 10 minutes. Also speed of the Double trains seems

I took a short video at Bayview yesterday. With the escalators, the trains and the announcements it really felt like an active transit station yesterday afternoon. I can't wait for the system to final

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For a while they wanted the doors in auto until a month or so ago when they decided they wanted them in manual, and opened manually at underground stations. It's just a push of a button to switch modes. Compliance is fairly sporadic.

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Hi @Corvulpes. For the door operation mode, are you referring to just the testing phases or the actual revenue service in which they decided to go manual for the doors?

For actual customer service, automatic in the downtown tunnel makes the most sense, regardless of passenger load. Beyond the tunnel, depending on passenger load and weather, its ok to be manual, although at the terminus stations for easier flow, automatic initially and then manual as passengers leave to allow some doors to close as people go.

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As far as I know they want the doors in manual in revenue, with operators manually opening the underground stations (STL and downtown). They've actually changed their minds again and decided they want doors back in auto for now. 

I'm not sure what the procedure will be at end stations, but most likely manual mode for simplicity and given that there is a long dwell time. In some cases if you open then close the doors, they will no longer be enabled. Also I think if you switch from auto to manual they will stay open anyway. 

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Saw two coupled LRVs departing from Bayview around 1pm in both directions. Too far to get a picture (being honest I didn’t really try) or to see the fleet numbers (being honest again I was too far to see). 

Still good to see after the CBC News this morning. Was only around for 2 minutes and they were the only trains to go by so good odds so far ?


Edit: here’s a photo taken from the Delta downtown. Still seeing only coupled LRVs. 


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The Mayor tweeted today that 15 coupled LRVs are now running on the Confederation Line. The picture was taken at Cyrville Station, looking westbound towards St-Laurent Station.


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I think this is the appropriate thread for this item...... an FYI referring to OC-Transpo and RTG/RTM-Alstom :



Test Trains , January 8, 2020

OC Transpo has begun testing the new Trains that will be brought into service as part of the Stage 2 Project. The trains will be tested on the Confederation line in the evenings and on weekends and will have no impact on normal operations. The test trains are clearly marked as Not in Service. These trains may stop at stations but will not pick up customers.



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Great news. Can’t wait to see them being tested. I think we should start a Train Test Spotting topic to follow these over the next few years. 

EDIT: I must be blind as this is the train testing topic.

On a side note, the Trillium line FLIRT trains I believe will arrive in 2021, with testing to surely follow. 

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