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O-Train - Daily Observations and Spottings


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Well this is an interesting turn of events...if they took off roughly 40mm of diameter from the wheels.. That is a lot andnlikely would make the wheels out of spec?  And I am betting not all the wheels on that particular train are like that..so the computer must be working overtime with vehicle Dynamics. Imagine you car with two 17in wheels, one 16in and one 18inch..not only would the ride be unbearable, but the computer would be blinking all sorts of lights and not letting your car work at full potential. 

That being said, there are lots of reasons we could speculate on as to why the train might be lower.

Shane, maybe post the question to Twitter if people notice trains being lot level with the platform. 

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Hey guys !!! Back with a brend new spotting, lot's of stuff in there, pretty long but hope you'll enjoy. Cheers !  

Haven't noticed. I'll keep an eye out. Pretty disappointing if they don't; those pylons are one of the coolest features of our system. 

Actually the public art for uOttawa is supposed to be a cube of some sort according to the renders. Here's what it should look like. Sorry about the terrible image quality but it's the only one they h

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Took the Confederation Line for the second time since March yesterday and made two observations. 1. The escalators at Colonel By and Rideau are those dual modes that slow down when no one is on them and speed up once someone steps on. I didn't realize we had those and wondered if they are all like that. 2. Rideau still has a faint sewage smell, but it's nowhere as bad as it was before. 

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I’ve noticed on some recent videos that the motor sound when departing stations has changed. It seems to now be more linear rather than the original “1st to 2nd gear” sound in the initial 5 seconds. When did this change?

Also noticed that the directional announcement in French has been modified (streamlined slightly), but the English remains unchanged.

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