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TransLink SkyTrain - Then and Now


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Haha I just spotted this and was coming to share it , but you beat me to the punch by 2 hours. Very interesting the changes especially downtown.

No Vancity building at Main Street - Science World, and the ramp down into Waterfront is open sky and not covered over like it is now. 

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Some SkyTrain trivia. When the original 21 kms opened in 1985, only 1.4 kilometers was underground through the Dunsmuir tunnel, which represented 7% of the system. By 2016 with the opening of the Evergreen Line, 13kms were underground, including 2 kms of the Evergreen, 9 kms on Canada and 1 km in New Westminster, for a total of 16%. (Note, that doesn't seem to include the 600 meters between Portal Park and Waterfront which use to be outside but are now under roads and buildings). 

The 6 kms Millenium extension will bring the proportion up to 22% however, the Surrey-Langley extension will bring that back down to 19%.


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