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So over the past few years I've been collecting the renders RTG and the city would put out with the idea that I would compare them to what has actually been built. I went out today and did the first batch of stations and images. I still have more images to process but here's an initial look at renders compared to reality for Blair.




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When to they plan on making Blair Station a 'fare-paid" zone? It looks like anyone can just walk onto the platform from multiple locations. The only fare gate I see is on the catwalk.

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It is already a fare-paid zone, with the bus platforms closest to the train being in that zone. The ones on the opposite side are outside the fare-paid zone.

Yes you are correct, the only fare gates are on the upper walkway, and unless a passenger is transfering from bus to train, these gates are to be used to gain access. The zone is probably much smaller than Tunney's Pasture as it is handling probably a 1/3 of the bus routes than Tunney's has to deal with.

But yes the fare-paid zone for buses (and by extension the train) is not as "protected" as the one at Tunney's Pasture, with less fencing to surround it.

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