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Stage 2 - Confederation Line - Construction Updates

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40 minutes ago, Shane said:

The city has released redacted Extension Project Agreements for Stage 2 LRT.

They can be found on the city's Access to Information section.


Scroll to the bottom where you will find

Well I know what I am reading tomorrow!

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Our Snapshot updates have resumed, now starting coverage for Stage 2 LRT construction. New to Snapshots will be video walkthroughs, discussing the current locations and what will be changing, a

The eastbound detour lanes on the 174 are now open. Shouldn't be long before the westbound detour opens as well to allow crews to build the flyover. 

I agree. It would have been better to sacrifice Convent Glen, surrounded by car-centric suburbia, in favour of a station at Jasmine Crescent. 

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So far I've picked out what i figure are the most important dates, though i have not yet seen a "Revenue Service Availability Date" listed.


Substantial Completion Nov. 26, 2024

Final Completion March 14, 2025


Substantial Completion May 25, 2025

Final Completion + 2 years of Substantial Completion


Substantial Completion August 10, 2022

Final Completion + 202 days of Substantial Completion

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Thanks Spenc!

I've only had time to glance through it so far, but it seems to me that Substantial completion is when (pending testing) the line becomes available for city use (i.e. no major deficiencies), whereas Final completion is when every possible line item in the contract is completed (no minor deficiencies). If I'm understanding that correctly, an opening date would likely fall a month or two after Substantial Completion, needing the time for both the contractors and the City to test it?

If that's the case, I'd be curious to see what the projected "final" completion date for Phase 1 is, and what kind of work still needs to be done between substantial and final.

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I assume it won't be until next year at the very least, but have we heard anything about the 417 overpass that will be replaced as part of the eastern alignment? I know it is supposed to be an "express replacement" alike the one used for Lees and others, but I guess they have to completely re-arrange the 417 first so they can have enough space for the landing, as well as the equipment?

Eitherway, it will likely be quite a show for those around the site!

Hopefully we will get a website similar to the one for Stage 1 with updates for each line, and hopefully more information than what we got the first time around...

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I was informed that a similar type of site would be launched to show progress on Stage 2, but I have no idea how it will compare to the Stage 1 site or when it will release.

O-Train Fans will continue to follow progress as before, although as the area is even more spread out than Stage 1 was, the update frequency may be lower. I am still trying to determine how I will proceed but hoping to have full Snapshot updates of all locations every 2-3 months. Once the Confederation Line is open and I have the initial informational content added and updated on the site, the Snapshots will resume. They will probably consist mostly of "Before Construction" photos, to show what the areas looked like before demolition and the build, and then moving forward from there.

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Our Snapshot updates have resumed, now starting coverage for Stage 2 LRT construction.

New to Snapshots will be video walkthroughs, discussing the current locations and what will be changing, and where everything will be once completed.

Place d'Orléans


Orléans Blvd. Station


Jeanne d'Arc Station


Montreal Station


Trim Station


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18 hours ago, Shane said:

In conjunction with our recent Snapshot Updates of the Confederation Line - EAST Extension, I received some answers to my questions on those stations from Michael Morgan, Director of Rail Construction. You can see them here : https://www.otrainfans.ca/faq/the-future-system/line-1-east?view=topic&id=11

Thanks for providing this Q+A! For Trim Station, the City seems to be expecting Brigil to pay and build the pedestrian bridge to the north side. Based on a few recent news stories, it seems they are open to it. No timeline though. 



For Jeanne d'Arc and Orléeans Boulevard, I would assume they will at the very least widen the overpasses for the station entrance "porch". 

I'm not entirely surprised they can't use rapid bridge replacement for Montréal. That only works if you place the new bridge on to of the existing pillars, if I'm not mistaken. I'm curious to see how they will replace in situ without closing the highway. 





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I am glad to see that the overpasses for Champlain, Orleans and Jeanne d'Arc will remain and not be replaced. It would certainly create issues if they were closed.

The space in the median seems to be manageable in those locations as well with just some reconfiguration of the lanes in the immediate vicinity of the station.

While the official plans only call for a pedestrian overpass to the south from Trim to attach to the station, you are correct, Brigil has voiced some interest, and it is in their best interest as they are pushing for their new developments at Petrie's Landing to have better, safe and direct access to the station from the other side of the highway. Lets see as things evolve, I too wouldn't be surprised to see Brigil partner on having it cross to the other side as well.

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